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Custom Kitchens, Kitchen Resurfacing & Remodelling Lonsdale ISPS

Jan 15 2020
Kitchen makeover , Kitchen Resurfacing or New Kitchen? ANNOUNCEMENT CORONAVIRUS, COVID19 : IS...

Like Glass Acrylic Splashbacks 2440 x 1220 x 6mm delivered Canberra, ACT

Dec 27 2019
Like Glass Acrylic Splashbacks for a limited time 6mm x 2440 x 1220 sheet delivered for $490.00...
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IPA Acrylic Splashbacks carry The Australian made logo.

ISPS will beat any written quote on custom coloured 6mm cut to size Acrylic Splashbacks & Wall Panels.


ANNOUNCEMENT CORONAVIRUS, COVID19 : ISPS are still able to deliver your custom DIY acrylic splashbacks & benchtops Australia wide, with delivery to you.


Please support custom Australian made building products by ISPS Innovations

Home Renovations for Renovators and Trades People.   

Cleaning your Polymer Acrylic Splashbacks

Colourback Acrylic Sheeting  supplied to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Darwin,

ISPS Innovations create the Alternative Innovative Splashback in many splashback categories.

IPA Acrylic splashbacks is a low heat polymer 6mm thickness 90 °C.

ISPS Acrylic Splashbacks are a superior acrylic substrate, used  for shower walls, feature walls, kitchen feature walls, shop displays, underbars, commercial fit outs. 

ISPS custom Acrylic & Bonethane Splashbacks perform exceptionally & with a proven history supplied through the Bunnings chains for a number of years.

ISPS have got you covered..

ISPS are happy to announce we can now bring further savings and delivery to your doorstep with our custom designed polymer range supplied direct to you.


2440 x 1220 x 6mm IPA Acrylic Splashback Free Delivery Australia WIDE . 

2440 x 1220 x 3.5 mm IPA Acrylic Splashbacks Free Delivery Australia WIDE.

ISPS colour tone by eye so we will require a physical colour sample when matching & blending  to colour or shades.This applies in particular to fixed furnishings to prevent clashing. This is important to our colour process.

IPA Acrylic has a hard wearing surface much like pressed aluminium with a tough durable face. IPA Acrylic stands the test in high trafficked areas. Special cutting instructions are required when cutting any acrylic.



POINTS TO CONSIDER IPA Acrylic Spalshbacks

IPA Acrylic Wall Panels are  PMMA ACRYLIC
Lower heat distribution of 90° C 

  • IPA ACRYLIC  comes with GRIPTEK protective backing
  • IPA ACRYLIC  can be cut on site.
  • IPA ACRYLIC  can be planed
  • IPA ACRYLIC  does not have same burning properties as BonethanePremium.
  • IPA ACRYLIC  available in any colour, EFX & or as an acrylic printed splashback.
  • IPA ACRYLIC  is repairable, can take a little longer to repair than BonethanePremium
  • IPA ACRYLIC  can be shaped on site.
  • IPA ACRYLIC  air dries & shines when washed & rinsed and wiped with a damp cloth..
  • IPA ACRYLIC  is 6mm thickness . IPA Acrylic is also available in 3.5 mm thickness.
  • IPA ACRYLIC  can be coordinated to suit the decor in your home or commercial fit out.
  • IPA ACRYLIC  has a hard wearing face, great for high trafficked areas
  • IPA ACRYLIC  available cut to size & shape
  • Accessories like trim in any colour & custom filler Efx also available
  • IPA ACRYLIC edges can be flame polished & buffed to clear.
  • IPA ACRYLIC is the only Acrylic substrate wall panel with advanced Bonethane colour technology which has been tested  since 1998.

Ensure that you have the correct blade & tools to execute your cuts.

Call ISPS today, tonight, the weekend, with phone contact 7 days a week. 

ISPS Innovations can provide our Acrylic Splashbacks cut to size & cut to shape.

All Prices include GST and Delivery to metro states.

Addtional charges may apply outside metro zones.

All skids require a fork lift or a tailgate for delivery, this can be requested at an addtional charge. If you are not available at the time of delivery, goods can be collected from a depo in your state, further charges apply for redelivery.

Note our Bunnings Splashback range which was Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are now available direct through ISPS Innovationns, 

IPA ACRYLIC  does not require the wall coated a neutral colour prior to installation. Our sheets come ready! IPA Acrylic comes with GRIPTEK barrier backing.


GRIPTEK , prevents neutral cure silicone bleeding, colour fading, colour delamination, coating wall a neutral colour, GRIPTEK also allows you to safely remove the acrylic sheets off the wall without damaging the integrity of the sheet. Other inferior products simply spray paint the back of leading brand sheets offering misleading warranties.  Our coating system is quality tested to withstand climatic weathering, heat expansion and contraction, mould build up & allowing our formulated system to bond into the Acrylic substrate acting as one product..


IPA Acrylic available at selected Mitre10 Stores

ISPS Innovations Supply Acrylic Splashbacks and Acrylic Marker Boards Australia Wide. 

ISPS Innovations supply Acrylic Splashbacks, Acrylic Wall Panels , Printed Acrylic Splashbacks to Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Central Coast, Adelaide, South Australia, Tasmaina, Hobart, Brisbane, Queensaland, Perth, Western Australia, Woolongong, Northern Territory, Darwin, Doonan, Cairns, all over Australia!



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