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Dec 27 2019
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Warranty Guidelines - ISPS Innovations

Things you should know about Bonethane or IPA Acrylic


  1. Ensure that all goods are quality checked & reported if any discrepancies. It is your responsibility to report incidents on receipt of goods by calling 08 8381 8880 or email through our contact us form. Cutting list or product description is attached to goods, ensure goods are opened checked against list with in first 24 hours. This is one of the first steps to receiving your additional warranty on Bonethane Premium! Read clause 27.
  2. The use of abrasive tools & cleaners is not recommended, warm soapy water & soaked sponge is the only method for cleaning Bonethane, IPA, CulourTek, VetroPoly,  Rinse soapy residue, wipe with clean soft warm damp towelling cloth, allowing Bonethane Premium & IPA Acrylic to dry & shine.
  3. For high oil trafficked areas: Showers or Kitchens etc, to remove oil. Commercial plastic cleaner this dissolves oils in seconds. Simply spray on allow spray to dissolve oils. Followed by our simple cleaning process, allowing to air dry & shine.
  4. Do not place Bonethane Premium, OR IPA in an environment where toxic vapours are releasing as this can be considered an acidic environment. This may happen when coating timber decking, or black tar on concrete etc. These applications requiring a time of curing before Bonethane grade or IPA placement. There is no warranty on Bonethane grades or IPA if it is housed in these environments, note this is also not good for your health.
  5. Do not use nylon sponge whilst cleaning Bonethane grades & IPA. Soft sponge or cameo are fine & available at your local supermarket.
  6. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scourers or scouring compounds, window cleaners, acetone, toluene chloroform, xylene, amyl acetate, dichloromethane, butyl alcohol, butyl acetate, cellusolve, giacial acetate acid, cresols/phenols ,halogenated solvents, Ketone (pvc glue) ethylacetate, chlorinated solvents, Sulphuric acid, MEK methyl alcohol and bleach. Do not apply thinners to the face of Bonethane & IPA Acrylic. Do not use any Silicone based products. DO AWAY WITH CHEMICALS!
  7. When cutting Bonethane & IPA keep masking on the face of the sheet. This protects the Bonethane & IPA face from being injured. Masking should be peeled off  after ffinal installation in upright position mounted to wall by clear non acidic silicone. PARFIX ALL PURPOSE IN CLEAR, non acidic.
  8. BEFORE you cut ensure you know which grade of material you have. Different grades require different cutting blades.
  9. Check colour prior to installation by peeling back top left corner a few cm. No refund or exchange are provided if you have chosen the wrong colour or provided incorrect dimensions as all orders are custom made. Variations can run up to 15%. If we have supplied in colour that does not cover your request goods will be exchanged. We will only colour match from  physical sample. We do not require paint ingredients to achieve colour as our processes are different.
  10. If you have requested cut to size, you must check contents within 24 hours, match & measure product measurements to that of the cutting list on the face or enclosed in the box. Any discrepancies should be reported with in 24 hours. Note: we have an identical cutting list of your order & photos of sized goods. If in doubt call us so we are able to address promptly.
  11. DO NOT ADD MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SILICONE TO THE BACK OF ISPS SHEETS, TO MOUNT TO THE WALL, FOLLOW GRID FORMAT PROCESS!   Warranties will be void by following own process. Call ISPS if you require further information.
  12. USE NON ACIDIC SILICONE for placement on the wall. PARFIX ALL PURPOSE IN CLEAR, non acidic neutral cure in clear is our preferred silicone. (REMEMBER: APPLY SILICONE IN thin GRID FORMAT 10CM APART, FOLLOW STEP BY STEP)
  13. DO NOT dry wipe dry rub or dry polish Bonethane or IPA to clean or create shine. Bonethane& IPA should only be washed with 1: warm soapy water with soft sponge or soft cameo, wash in circular motion. 2: rinse residue thoroughly 3: a clean warm damp towelling cloth, wipe product in down motion, ensure residue has been removed with rinse 4:  & another run of  the clean warm damp towelling cloth in down motion over the product,5: Bonethane  & IPA are designed to air dry & shine. SO NO POLISHING.
  14. Do not place Bonethane Grades & IPA directly against or on exposed flames or heat expelled elements or hot pans.
  15. Do not leave very hot items i.e. hot pans, hot jugs leaning against Bonethane PREMIUM . This could damage or mark the product.
  16. Do not leave very hot items i.e. hot pans, hot jugs leaning against Bonethane GN or IPA Acrylics this is a fire risk .Do not place Acrylics behind any cook tops .
  17. Do not place Bonethane grades or IPA on a direct flame, heat element or anything of constant extreme heat. A minimum distance of 20cm is required. anything closer requires stainless steel, glass or mosaic ceramic strip width and height of extreme heat expelled area. Bonethane Premium is not Acrylic. Acrylic is highly flammable.
  18. Bonethane Premium has a continuous service temperature of 110 °C & max short term 120°C  Bonethane Premium must sit up right against wall, minimum 20 cm from gas burner or high heat appliances; anything closer requires stainless steel, glass or mosaic strip width and height of extreme heat expelled area.
  19. Items of extreme heat nature must not touch or be placed too close to Bonethane Premium. Do not butt up gas stove tops to Bonethane Premium. DO NOT PLACE GN OR IPA ACRYLICS BEHIND ANY  COOKTOPS.
  20. Use a polishing compound that can polish plastic or brass or a fine grade non silicone car polish with no cleaning agents. CALL ISPS PRIOR O PROCESS TO CONFIRM PROCESS.
  21. To clean: ISPS Grades Use a warm soapy water (detergent) sponge in a circular motion. Do not use nylon sponge.
  22. To rinse: Emerge a soft towelling cloth into clean warm water & squeeze excess water. Wipe lather off in down motion repeat second or third time, removing excess lather.
  23. To Dry: Do not polish. Bonethane Premium Bonethane GN & IPA Acrylic. ISPS grades will dry shinny, providing the excess water becomes minimal when wiping down with warm damp towelling cloth, allowing to dry with shine.
  24. Cutting warranty guidelines BonethanePremium                                                                                              sheets can be easily cut by using the most standard fabricating equipment. It is advised, when cutting Bonethane Premium to keep masking on the face of the sheet. This protects the Bonethane face from being injured. If you are using cordless equipment ensure batteries are fully charged & blades are suitable & sharp for cutting. Batteries not fully charged will result in loss of momentum, which can pull up the product. Creating a danger which can result in the product flicking up at you. You will not be covered if this occurs.
  25. Do not cut or install BonethanePremium BonethaneGN or IPA Acrylic unless you have checked all contents & measurements first. Any discrepancies should be reported to ISPS on 08 8381 8880 with in 24 hours of receipt.
  26. Bonethane Premium comes with a 7 year structural warranty. This warranty will be void if any of the information stated on our product sheet or internet are not strictly followed, this includes any updates not strictly followed. ISPS have the right to change & update information in accordance with new developments, & or public safety.  Please register your email with ISPS, for new information & updates.
  27. Orders must be accepted by a person 18 years who is responsible for checking goods before signing. Register your Bonethane Premium order .Check all contents & confirm receipt of contents are checked against cutting list & colour choice with in 24 hours of receipt(1). Follow our simple step by step instructions to install Bonethane Premium, follow our warranty guide lines & install step process (2). Provide hi resolution digital images of your finished Bonethane Premium product, email to place your name, address, store, copy of receipt & attach 4 clear quality images in hi resolution at 300 dpi or more. Image should be at a reasonable distance to showcase Bonethane Premium. Images to showcase front side & angled image, before & after shots are the best! When emailing pictures of your project, you do so knowing you are assigning 100% copyright to ISPS Innovations to use images for advertising & marketing purposes be it magazines internet or TV. NOTE your information will be kept private unless you request otherwise. ISPS will provide an additional 3 year warranty on Bonethane Premium, this warranty is an extension of the existing warranty.  You will also receive 10% off next purchase with ISPS Innovations when you buy on line from us, This voucher can be used in conjunction with any of our brands when you purchase $550.00 or more in one transaction (does not include freight charges). The 1% voucher is valid for 24 months & can be used 2 times.
  28. Goods must be checked in first 24 hours for contents & colour intact discrepancies reported to ISPS on 08 83818880. Additional time is given for install process, but registering receipt of goods & checked items are crucial to qualifying for additional warranty & discounts on future orders. Once Bonethane Premium is installed email 4 images that are bright & clear, showcasing your project. ISPS may use images for advertising & marketing. There for ISPS require 100% copyright of all images with your permission.  An additional 3 year warranty against ordinary conditions will follow + 10% discount on any purchase over $550 through ISPS Innovations on our online shop. Ordinary conditions reflect what ISPS has stated under our warranties & installation processes.  Four Photos of your complete project is also required to use for adverting & marketing purposes in order to qualify for this additional warranty & voucher. Register:
  29. When cutting Bonethane Premium  GN or IPA keep masking on the face of the sheet. Ensure surface is free of hard objects or tools at the base, this eliminates sheet from being scratched or a dangerous un even surface causing slippage. Further protecting Bonethane Premium GN & IPA face from being injured. Masking should be peeled off after final installation (Sheets in an upright position mounted to the wall by clear non acidic silicone). PARFIX ALL PURPOSE IN CLEAR, non acidic.
  30. When buying multiple sheets it is necessary to purchase from the same colour batch or provide colour sample for matching to existing sheet for accuracy.  If you buy two sheets of the same colour from different stores (you do so at you own risk as batch number will be different), peel top left corner of masking a couple of centimetres on top left  to ensure colour consistency before installation. Restocking fee will apply on each sheet & further charge to reship . If multiple sheets are ordered of the same colour batch, this will not be necessary.  Please note all masking must remain intact. It is advised to order of the same colour batch. This is to accommodate the colour & variation process. ISPS is not responsible for any inconsistencies due different batch matching or aging from poor accelerated acidic environments (release of invisible toxic vapours)  surroundings where ISPS grades rest. All colours have a settling stage & colours beyond our control can vary slightly per batch. Call ISPS for clarification.
  31. Do not place ISPS grades directly against or on exposed flames or extreme heat expelled elements.
  32. Do not leave very hot items i.e. hot pans, hot jugs leaning against Bonethane Premium GN or IPA . This could damage or mark the product. Do not lean heat expelled appliance on Acrylic grades. View our YOU TUBE CLIP Bonethane Premium VS Actrylic.
  33. Do not place Bonethane grades or IPA on a direct flame, heat element or anything of constant extreme heat.  A minimum distance of 20 cm is required. Anything closer requires a stainless steel, glass or mosaic strip to sit behind cook top the width and height of extreme heat expelled area.
  34. Bonethane Premium has a continuous service temperature of 110°C & max short term of  120°C.
  35. IPA Acrylic & Bonethane GN has a continuous  Service Temp of 90°C With Max Heat of 100°C.
  36. Bonethane Premium must sit up right against a wall, minimum of 8 cm to 10 cm from any heat expelled appliances, ie electric kettle for extreme heat (hot plate) a distance of 20cm, anything closer requires a stainless steel, glass or mosaic strip covering the width and height of extreme heat expelled area, as above.
  37. Do not install sheets unless edges are lightly sanded, this will address any saw marks,  this can effectively reflect the light if not done. This is not covered by ISPS warranties
  38. If the consumer is in receipt of our product & claims made that the sheet is damaged, sheet will be matched to quality despatch records. If it is found that sheet has been damaged in your care, you the consumer will be up for cost of replacement stock & freight charges to & from its destination. Note: new stock despatched remains the property of ISPS Innovations. New stock must not be taken to distributor for refund. Original goods must be sent back to ISPS for investigation. You will hear back from ISPS Innovations within two weeks for outcome. You must take photos of original goods prior to leaving your property & email to ISPS Innovations areas of concern.
  39. Report faults or concerns to our office on 08 8381 8880 where your concern will be addressed promptly. BonethanePremium GN or IPA will be replaced providing you have proof of purchase from a recognised distributor & the original item is sent back to ISPS. Replacement of items will be provided by ISPS if deemed a manufacturing glitch. If a new product has been issued for replacement before investigation NOTE:, the title of goods on new stock remain the property of ISPS Innovations.  If there is no fault in the retuned (damaged) product & the product has suffered damage as a result of poor handling by the consumer, the title of the replacement stock will remain the title of ISPS & original stock will be sent back at your cost or you will be invoiced full cost of the new sheet. Any freight charges damages to replacement stock will be at your cost .Replacement stock under investigation remains the title of ISPS Innovations & is not to be returned to store for a refund, this is illegal. The title of replacement goods remain the property of ISPS Innovations until investigations are carried out & certified. All goods are quality checked & photographed prior to despatch.  You will need to register your name, address, Licience number & store you purchased your goods from & except terms & conditions if found to be at fault.
  40. Bonethane offers a 7 year structural warranty against coating delaminating.  Additional 7 Year warranty when you register, conditions apply, see point 27 & 28 for more information.
  41. All warranties will be void if any of the information stated on product sheets or ISPS website are not strictly followed. Please retain proof of purchase from an approved ISPS distributor.
  42. Warranties are not covered on discounted or promotional items.
  43. IPA Acrlic & GN sheets must be cut with sharp plastic cutting tools because of the lower heat rating. Sharp Plastic cutting tools are recommended & advised as a part of  IPA  & GN warranty . For more information please contact 08 8381 8880. Note IPA & BonethaneGN Acrylic do not cut like Bonethane Premium. IPA & GN are Acrylic & cut like Acrylic.  All Acrylics cut the same, dont be confused by misleading statements that imply Acrylic cuts like Bonethane Premium. Stay tuned for cutting video.
  44. Bonethane Premium, BonethaneGN & IPA Acrylic  are engineered batched & masked by  a high performance manufacturing machines.  All goods that leave ISPS Innovations are quality checked & photographed with Batch numbers.  We are able to identify every order that leaves our floor.
  45. On the 25th of May 2013  New Grip Tech TM was implemented to the back of Bonethane Premium. This was implemented to control colour batches & save further time to the consumer, no need to coat the wall a neutral colour. Simply cut & place. Follow our step by step install process.


All glass & other ISPS products must me checked on receipt. Any damages or discrepancies reported immediately. ISPS will not be responsible for any breakages or discrepancies that are claimed after 24 hours of receipt of goods. On receipt of goods please check for breakages & that the colour & cutting list reflect your instructions, contact our office  on 08 8381 8880 if you require any help.


Please contact our office within 24 hours of receipt of your products for any variation in colour or measurements. All goods should be checked within 24 hours & reported to ISPS for any discrepancies. If any discrepancies occur do not cut or install product. Call our office for prompt attention, ISPS will address accordingly. If you do not contact our office within 24 hours of collecting your goods further investigations will take place which may delay the resolution. Note a cutting list & goods description are attached to each order, goods should be checked off against this once in receipt. If you do not check all goods prior to application & report an issue after the fact, this is not negotiable. Note each job completed is quality checked & recorded. We are all human & errors can be made so please assure all goods are marked off & measured, checked & colour checked prior to installation. A copy of your cutting list is kept & photos of each job taken.


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