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Acrylic Splashbacks & Bathroom Wall Panels - ISPS Innovations

Jun 01 2016
Colourback Acrylic Sheeting in IPA & Bonethane high heat polymer wall panels. The sent...

Benchtops,Kitchens,Doors,Resurfacing - Australian Made - ISPS Innovations

Mar 07 2016
CulourTek Creations - Custom Benchtops, Kitchens, Doors and Resurfacing by ISPS Innovations ...
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Interior Designers, Architects, DIY Renovators & Trade. 

ISPS will beat any written quote on 6mm custom cut to size Acrylic splashbacks & wall panel sheets.

Specialising in Bonethane, Acrylic Splashbacks and custom building materials any colour.

ISPS Innovations create innovative splashbacks in Acrylic (PMMA) and Bonethane premium high heat polymer. "Specialists in Splashback categories" Available in any colour, ISPS EFX and Digital Print. Our polymer splashbacks are key interior  decorative wall panels respected and specified by Designers, Architects and adored by DIY Renovators for its ease in function, installation and durability. 

Resurfacing your kitchen? try CulourTek Creations

Are you a home base DIY enthusiest or does your interior establishment require qualified colour specialists that deliver?

Stylish excellence. Our total range is used in domestic & commercials circles for; kitchens, wet areas, showers, feature walls, signage & digital printed splashbacks.

Bonethane Premium panels can be used outside and is UV regulated. Our Polymer range expresses the characteristic elegance & depth of glass in gloss or satin finish. With any colour and combination mix available to ISPS, our colour technolgies & expertise lead in innovation and resurfacing.

Colourback Acrylic Sheeting in IPA & Bonethane, the sentiment of glass with out the cost

Feature & Benefits  of Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks. Inexpensive alternative to glass. Our innovative splashback polymer range are like no other and offer a practice piece of splash with each order. Save on costs up to 38% in time and money with  Bonethane Premium.  ISPS Innovation Splashbacks are the right choice for your kitchen splashback, everything else is just plastic. Bonethane & CulourTek Benchtops carry product of Australia logo.

ISPS Innovations provide elevated excellence in colour technology and printed Bonethane splashbacks that carry the product of Australia logo. Our Innovative and decorative technologies are ideal for domestic and commercial applications which have become over the years the proven quality and accepted colourback glass alternative for architectural,designer developments and function

Residential and commercial splashbacks, glazing at ISPS Innovations we have it all!                                                                                      

Our team are colour specialists with interior & exterior experience, joined with knowledge & understanding of climatic weathering for durable building material requirements. ISPS undertake Designer and Architectural impressions to archetype followed by production. ISPS will deliver your vision through our Innovations to meet your exact project requirements. 

Sustainability attributes; IPA Acrylic Locally made, Bonethane Product of Australia. Our Polymers are Recyclable into Bonethane10. Production waste is recyclable. Packaging condensed

Tips: Bonethane & Acrylic Splashbacks. ISPS Acrylics carry Australian made logo. Note: our Bunnings Splashback range which was Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are now available direct through ISPS Innovationns for Note: our Bunnings Splashback range which was Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are now available direct through ISPS Innovationns.

ISPS Masters in DIY splashbacks,custom CulourTek benchtops, doors....

ISPS Innovations focus on  the application & finish of:
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Splashbacks.  Many Categories MSDS
  • Custom kitchens & joinery, polyurethane doors & panels
  • CulourTek bench-tops (no joins), any colour & ISPS EFX
  • Finishes in: Veneer, French Provincial, Polyurethane & Timber.
  • digitalArt Printed Splashbacks
  • PolySplash / Polyurethane wall panels any colour & efx
  • Interior displays, signage, white boards, rear projector screens.
  • Brick rejuvenation
  • Custom Cafe table tops with CulourTek application(anti scratch with recolour process for refits)   
  • ISPS repair, restore or create  let us resurface your existing interior. 

Note: Custom Bonethane Splashbacks, IPA Acrylic Splashbacks orders & offers are no longer available through Bunnings warehouse stores, our range can be purchased direct through ISPS ONLINE or Luxe Bathware & Flinders Mitre10. 

Book a free colour session time with ISPS. Let us assist in the colour application and assignment of your next interior project. 

A family owned business that understands the importance of service, quality and reliability.




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