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ISPS Innovations - polymer splashbacks, benchtops & doors - magnificent & robust.

Manufactured in Australia

ISPS Splashbacks, benchtops and doors  are manufactured in Australia, we produce an opulence finish to enrich any space.


ISPS Innovations understand the consideration to detail and through our experience with major supply chains & journey with leading architects and designers who create & generate spaces that are engaging, ISPS are notable, for our durable and effective building products that are custom manufactured and coloured to your request.


ISPS Innovations are the preference for many of Australia’s leading architects and commercial construction firms, for the use of our IPA Acrylic Splashbacks, Bonethane High Heat Polymer Splashbacks & CulourTEK Benchtops & Doors, our range is innovative and customised to suit interior design request, ticking all boxes in performance.

The notable difference with our polymer splashbacks, is the protective barrier backing applied to the rear of our polymer sheets, GRIPTEK barrier backing & the superior & unlimited designs & colours applied to our splashbacks & benchtops.

ISPS Innovations are frequently specified for:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Childcare centres
  • Aged-care residences
  • Multi-residential apartments
  • Private residences
  • Medical centres and Hospitals
  • Art Centres & more.
  • Real Estate Makeovers
  • Aged-care facilities
  • Retirement Units

Preventing landfill.

ISPS Innovations lead in custom resurfacing, saving a lot of cabinetries from landfill.

CulourTEK benchtops & doors: are proudly licensed Product of Australia. A lot of care and thought went into this product as we have future proofed these benchtops & doors so they can be resurfaced years on down the track, preventing future waste into landfill and still provide a further 7 year warranty after resurfacing.

CulourTek benchtops can also be modified and added to during the resurfacing process, making CulourTek benchtops renewable.

ISPS painted polymer splashbacks & benchtops are built on exceptional design, quality, with a reliable result. They are fully recyclable and can be repurposed & resurfaced to original lustre in the future.

At the soul of ISPS Innovations are products of the highest quality.  We work hard to maintain the integrity of our products & constantly innovating the performance and colour life.

Raw Material

ISPS use the highest quality polymers in the globe, we have been doing this for the longest time.

Australian Made

Our Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks are certified and accredited Product of Australia.

IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are certified Australian Made.

Recycled Acrylic Splashbacks - eco splash

Recycled Acrylic - ISPS Innovations are the first to provide an ecofriendly acrylic splashback called eco splash this is also available in a custom colour or as a printed splashback.

Clarity & Durability of our Polymer Splashbacks

ISPS Polymer IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are visually transparent and there is no green shadow, meaning your splashbacks will tone well to many colours across the colour spectrum.

Bonethane is a high heat polymer splashback, designed for induction and ceramic cooktops, also transparent.

Our Painted Polymer Splashbacks & Glass Splashbacks - are rear painted - ISPS polymer splashbacks are also barrier backed with GRIPTEK barrier backing.

ISPS Innovations colour tone & manufacture painted polymer acrylic splashbacks and wall panels in any colour.


ISPS Innovations match to Dulux, Pantone colours, or you can provide benchtop samples, cabinetry sample we just require a physical colour sample, to create the perfect colour blend for your splashback, benchtop or door.

Printed Splashbacks

ISPS Innovations have persistently improved our printed splashbacks with a sequence of specific liquid inks and state of the art printer to produce the ultimate printed splashback result. We have gone a step further and applied a barrier backing to our printed splashbacks called GRIPTEK barrier backing.

The robust customisation of ISPS printed polymer splashbacks has resulted in printed splashbacks that are high in optical definition & quality design to last

ISPS Innovations are proudly the first in the Australian market to produce a printed splashbacks with a barrier backing to the rear of the sheet, to prevent neutral cure silicone bleeding, this is a great plus for commercial fit outs that suffer silicone bleeding a year after installation.

Quality Check

ISPS Innovations, quality check our total range, the product is photographed & re-masked.  Our commitment to our finished product dictates a product being shipped, with peace of mind when it arrives to its destination.

Material Flexibility and Achievable Layout Results.

ISPS Innovations support visual choices and material requirements for your project. Our flexible, quality, and price efficient polymer acrylic panels & benchtops are a recognized selection, supporting the client to construct an atmosphere that is usable, renewable & for all to remember.

At a Glance

  • ISPS Innovations colour tone to any colour custom colour
  • ISPS can print any high-resolution digital image.
  • ISPS Innovations can cut to size making installation simple and time efficient.
  • ISPS also paint metallic finish.
  • ISPS Innovations have practical lead times.
  • IPA Acrylic is covered by a 30 year no-UV-yellowing warranty
  • Bonethane is covered by a 10 year UV warranty.
  • ISPS Innovations can assist with colour direction and colour samples for approval.
  • ISPS Innovations can provide prototypes for proof-of-concept rooms for large development projects. 
  • Bonethane, IPA Acrylic, CulourTek Benchtops & Doors are Sustainable and Safe.
  • ISPS Innovations are pleased with the processes we have developed to safeguard our practices, ISPS care for the environment
  • ISPS production practices remain dedicated to reducing waste, most of our building products can be recycled into new products. 
  • Our polymers & MDF are robust and recyclable, all offcuts are recycled.

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