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Cleaning CulourTek Benchtops

CulourTEK Benchtops is a hand made coated finish combined with Australian Made moisture resistant board available in various thicknesses, gloss levels & textures.

Product Advantages

  • Available in any colour and colour combination
  • Excellent water and non abrasive chemical resistance, making ideal for demanding in-service environment such as domestic or  marine fit outs for benchtops, bar tops, vanity tops.
  • Very low yellowing from light. The product will discolour if product is neglected, please follow our instructions under warranty CulourTek Benchtops. 
  • Available in high texture, soft texture, flat matte, gloss.
  • Our coating formula can be used on internal doors, kitchen cabinets & benchtops. Commercial joinery and wall paneling. Domestic and commercial furniture. Children's toys.
  • Do not drag weighted boxes with staples or nail hanging out as you can cut through the coating, good news our products can be repaired.
  •  Note on high gloss and matte flat finishes more care is required with scuff marks like most countertops in this finish.  Scuff marks can be buffed out but being a flat surface scuff marks are unavoidable, so special care is required. 

Typical applications

Interior use, used in kitchen, bathroom and laundry environments for domestic or commercial applications.

Product Properties

  1. Build: Very Good
  2. Sandability :Excellent
  3. Vertical and horizontal  Hold up:  Excellent
  4. Solvent resistant :Good
  5. Water resistance : Excellent


CulourTek benchtops come with a 12 year structural warranty. Your benchtop will not be covered by warranty if the following happens.

  • Do not use products on the benchtop that stain. Example , curry, turmeric , flowers that flake dye pigments, peroxide, colours, bleach, acetone, harsh acids, nail polish, nail polish remover, texta's. permanent markers.
  • DO NOT rest hot pan or trays on the benchtop this will result in burning the top causing discolouration or yellowing. While our coating formulae is durable, it requires the respect like other surfaces to keep your tops looking clean and mark free.
  • DO NOT cut vegetables, food or objects especially products that leave a coloured residue directly on your CulourTek benchtop, use a chopping board. Repeated use of chopping on CulourTek will result in wearing down of the coating or chipping, creating staining and fine cuts that may not be visible to the eye at first sight, but over time will slowly break down the surface causing discolouration which will void warranty. The good news is CuloruTek can be resurfaced!
  • Wipe off spill marks promptly with a soft cloth and mild dishwashing detergent. Dry with a soft, dry cloth. For more persistent marks, use an indoor glass or window cleaner, or dilute a 2 table spoons of vinegar in 50ml of water. Never use abrasive cleaners even those in liquid form as they can mark or stain the surface.
  • Do not drag weighted boxes with staples or nail , screws hanging out as you can cut through the coating, good news our products can be repaired.

Matte Textured Finishes

For hard-to-clean areas special consideration is required. Use a chalk sponge along with a mild liquid detergent-and-water solution. Clean the stained area using a circular motion. Rinse and dry the surface. These surfaces may require different attention to clean the depressed areas reliant on the end user. For best results clean areas immediately.
High Gloss & Flat Satin Finish
If residual streaks and smears remain after normal cleaning, use a mild glass cleaner and then dry with a clean, non-abrasive cotton cloth. Avoid exterior glass cleaner. Another option is to remove oily residue, rinse and wipe with a hot damp cloth, allowing our gloss surface to air dry and shine.

Abrasives or being abrasive DO NOT

Abrasive pads, scouring powders or cleaners may permanently dull or scratch the CulourTek surface making it exposed to staining and surface variations. Ceramics, including unglazed materials and other abrasive objects, can cause scratching and premature wear do not slide these items across surface.

  • Chemical Damage
  • Never use cleaners containing acid, sodium hypochlorite or alkali, acetone, nail polish remover. These chemicals & cleaners will corrode, mark or etch, discolouring the coated CulourTek surface. Ensure bottles, rags, and other materials polluted with these cleaners never contact the surface. Accidental spills , or splashes should be wiped off instantly, and the area rinsed methodically with water.
  • Examples of cleaners containing acid, alkali, or sodium hypochlorite include, but are not limited to:


  • Ceramic cooktop cleaners
  • Drain cleaners
  • Some disinfectants
  • Lime scale removers
  • Toilet bowl cleaners
  • Metal cleaners
  • Tub and tile cleaners
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Rust removers
  • Oven cleaners
  • Coffeepot cleaners
  • Some countertop cleaners
If you have any stubborn stains please call our office on 08 8381 8880 so we can assist

Stains Simple stains may disappear on their own after a short time or after repeated cleanings, include:

  • Coffee and tea stains
  • Food stains
  • Fingerprints
  • Glass rings
  • Food
  • Water marks

Stains which are stubborn or even permanent, and may not disappear, include:

  • Cash register inks
  • Indelible inks
  • Newsprint
  • Label inks
  • Wood stains
  • Food pricing ink
  • Marking pen inks

Some materials and liquids, such as dyes and pharmaceutical products, will permanently stain CulourTek

  • Examples include:
  • Dermatological products
  • Povidone-iodine
  • Tannic acid
  • Peroxides
  • Tar compounds
  • Red-2B dye
  • Hair dyes and rinses
  • Mercurochrome®
  • Laundry bluing
  • Silver nitrate


ISPS Innovations chemical of concern policy requires its wood coatings to comply with the following standards that specify stringent  limits on the permitted amount of toxic heavy metals.
AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 (Children To Safety Requirements)
BS/EN71-3:1995 safety of toys Part 3. Specification for migration of certain elements.
Our coating system meets the most stringent following standard 3837.
Suitable for the use of class 2 & class 9 in the building industry.
For further information contact ISPS Innovations 08 83818880, always check website for updates


For further information contact ISPS Innovations 08 83818880, always check website for updates

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