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IPA Coloured Acrylic Splashbacks & Printed Splashbacks - Australian Made


ISPS supply Coloured & Printed Acrylic Splashbacks & Wall Panels with GRIPTEK barrier backing - Australia wide.

IPA Acrylic is the most cost effective, economical coloured & printed Acrylic Splashback. Available in any colour  & is Australian Made - a consistent high gloss finish.

With the look & characteristics of glass IPA Acrylic Splashbacks articulate clarity illuminating a 94% light transmission.  

ISPS Innovations will beat any written quote on custom coloured 6mm cut to size Acrylic Splashbacks & Wall Panels & still provide GRIPTEK barrier backing to the rear  of our sheets. 

IPA Acrylic Splashbacks - a hardwearing surface in gloss finish. IPA Acrylic can be crafted on site with standard fabricating tools.

Unlimited colours below. If you don't pick a colour send us your primary colour choice by post, ISPS will make it once your order is confirmed and in the system.

IPA Acrylic is proudly Australian Made. The major stand out is our IPA Acrylic splashbacks & wall panels - available in any colour with a high gloss finish.

ISPS Innovations method of colour application has quality tested since 1998 & for durability and colour performance.

ISPS Innovations are specified by interior designers and architects and the preferred choice for kitchen acrylic splashbacks,  bathroom acrylic splashbacks, laundry acrylic splashbacks, acrylic splashback feature walls for commercial & residential needs. 

ISPS Acrylic Printed splashbacks are a key client request noted for our superior finish, image resolution, colour clarity & durability.

Our 6mm Acrylic Splashbacks are made from solid clear PMMA cast acrylic polymer , with the optical depth of glass without the green blend thrown through the glass profile, this can alter colours up to 25% when colour toning to glass.

Super clear IPA Acrylic splashbacks are clear like water, providing a better colour matching and toning process to fit your desired coloured splashback or printed wall panel.

30 Year UV Warranty, non yellowing.

Acrylic splashbacks - Australia wide delivery

ISPS supply Acrylic Splashback & Polymer Wall Panels to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth. Queensland. Tasmania, ACT and the greater Australian Regions.

ISPS Acrylic Splashbacks look like glass & can be supplied cut to size (optional)

ISPS Innovations have revolutionised the colour application, colour print and optional colour combinations in our total splashback range & provide a barrier backing to our polymer solid colour splashbacks & printed splashbacks.

On IPA Acrylic Printed Splashbacks, you can choose any high resolution image or pattern to be laid out across one sheet or multiple sheets to create your visual art printed splashback.

IPA Acrylic is perfect for residential or commercial applications. 

On IPA Acrylic Splashbacks & IPA Acrylic Wall Panels you can have any colour, combination colour or a printed splashback for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or commercial space.

Our innovative splashback polymer system (ISPS)  range is an engineered polymer splashback customised to your colour specification.

IPA Acrylic it is a trusted brand designed to last.

ISPS IPA Acrylic sheets & Bonethane high heat polymer splashbacks address key performance solutions where glass is unable to perform.

IPA Acrylic coloured & printed splashbacks comes with GRIPTEK barrier backing.

What is GRIPTEK Barrier backing for splashbacks?

GRIPTEK Barrier backing is applied to the backs of IPA Acrylic and Bonéthane high heat polymer sheets ready to use as a splashback in your home. 

GRIPTEK Barrier Backing eliminates the unsightly wear of silicone marks or the delaminating of colour coatings once mounted to the wall. 

GRIPTEK Barrier Backing assists with greater depth of colour and consistency.

GRIPTEK Barrier Backing eliminates coating wall a neutral colour or sanding the back of ISPS Acrylic polymer sheets before you place your IPA Acrylic up on the wall. 

GripTek Barrier Backing creates greater colour depth and  colour consistency.

IPA painted Acrylic with GRIPTEK barrier backing can also be removed off the wall without damaging the integrity of our painted polymer colour  which sits on the rear of our IPA acrylic sheet.

Acrylic Splashbacks with GRIPTEK barrier backing eliminates unsightly neutral cure silicone bleeds which happens from expansion and contraction.

Acrylic Splashbacks with GRIPTEK barrier backing saves time and costs in wall preparation when installing IPA Acrylic sheeting.

GRIPTEK can not be applied to Zenolite, Vistelle or PLEXIGLAS sheets, but come with IPA Acrylic Splashback sheets at no additional charge.

GRIPTEK is not a substitute for water proofing in shower areas.

IPA Acrylic splashbacks & Bonethane Splashbacks are 100% water proofed, but  you still need to protect your walls from internal water damage with a good water proof coating.

Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashbacks can go straight over water proofing and tiles with only limited neutral cure colour coating  being applied to wall where sheets overlap or are butt joined.                                                       

TIP  Apply an 20 mm strip of colour (the same colour as your sheets or white) to prevent water proof colour peering through reflective breaks caused by prism gaps that bounce corner light, this happens when sheets are overlapping in a corner or when butt joining.

IPA Acrylic has a 30 year UV warranty allowing the material to weather outdoors as well.

If applying IPA Acrylic to wet areas, it is mandatory to water proof your walls allow to cure to protect your wall and floor lining. IPA acrylic is 100% water proof but not a substitute for waterproofing your wall. 

IPA Acrylic splashbacks can go straight over water proofing and tiles with only limited neutral cure colour coating to corners of the wall where sheets over lap or are butt joined, this prevents colour peering through reflective prism gaps that bounce corner light. 

What we also supply

ISPS supply painted PLEXIGLAS on request.

ISPS can provide silicone, blades and any tools you may require to assist you with your DIY or commercial  installation.

IPA Acrylic is available in 143 colours or make up your own colour!

IPA Acrylic is  100% waterproofed, no colour fading or colour delamination from water or moisture build up.  ONLINE SHOP

IPA Acrylic  painted sheets can also be removed off the wall without damaging the integrity of the colour on the back of the sheet.

3.5mm Acrylic Splashbacks TIPS

3.5 mm Acrylic splashbacks are used as an overlay where pre existing tiles are present. It is advised to silicone in between tile grout, thinner layers of silicone in a grid format. The 6mm is designed to go onto clean wall free of tiles or panelling.

ISPS Innovations provide a high range of custom designed and coloured splashback and wall panel alternatives. These products can be cut onsite and installed no fuss. If you are matching to joinery, wall or object it is advised to provide your primary colour sample or colour panel for colour toning and matching purposes, we will not colour tone on a guess or from a screen.

IPA ACRYLIC SPLASHBACKS come with GRIPTEK backing our Printed Splashbacks come with a barrier to prevent silicone bleeds. 

Note our Bunnings Splashback range supplied a few years ago nationally Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashback sheets are now available direct through ISPS Innovations.

Colourback Acrylic Sheeting 

DIY Splashbacks have never been so easy. See our nationally delivered acrylic splashback &  wall panel pricing.

ISPS Innovations are available 7 day a week for customer support service & tips.  Why would you go anywhere else.

ISPS Innovations now supply PLEXIGLAS ® range as a part of our product line. ISPS Innovations have the biggest splashback & wall panel range nationally delivered.

When you order with ISPS we provide a practice piece of acrylic splash for you to cut into. When you place your order and post a colour sample, ISPS will provide a free tube of neutral cure silicone with your order so you can start  on your DIY splashback or DIY Wall panel. 

With our cut to size service installing your Acrylic Splashback will be a  breeze. TIPS

IPA Acrylic Splashback & Wall panel sheets are hard wearing high gloss substrate with a 94% light transmission, perfect for:

  • under bars
  • shower cubicles & walls
  • feature walls
  • commercial displays
  • anywhere there are high trafficked areas
  • kitchen splashback recommending VetroPoly Toughened glass for behind your cooktop  
  • Bathroom Walls                           
  • Vanities
  • Bath/Spa Surrounds
  • Laundries
  • Water Features
  • Commercial wet areas
  • Kitchens commercial
  • Commercial Fit outs
  • Decorative Feature Walls
  • Shop Fitting/ Counters Panels
  • DIY Joinery & Furniture
  • Foyer Features
  • ISPS specialise in metallic finish  as well as solid and combination colour. Choose Dulux, Wattyl, Taubmans, or choose a colour.
  • White boards
  • Projector Screens
  • Digital Printed Acrylic Splashbacks
  • Digital Printed Shower Wall Panels
  • Digital Printed Feature Walls
  • Ceiling Wall Panels in high gloss or Satin finish
  • Alternative Splashbacks in different substrates

Supplying Acrylic Splashbacks to; Adelaide and South Australia, Sydney and NSW, Brisbane and Qld, Northern Territory, Darwin and Alice Springs, Perth and Western Australia, Tasmania and Hobart. Nation wide Service like no other.

Note colours vary from screen to screen. The colours below are used as a guide only.


IPA Acrylic Splashbacks & Wall Panels, the economical high gloss alternative to Glass.

  • IPA Acrylic Splashbacks series is mould resistant & self polishing. Just follow our care instructions when washing.
  • The Hi Gloss Face of our IPA AcrylicSplashbacks Series is hard wearing like pressed aluminium.  A trade & shop fitters favourite!
  • IPA Acrylic works exceptionally well in high trafficked areas, perfect for commercial & domestic application. 
  • IPA Acrylic Can be used as a whiteboard, marker boards or a corporate coloured theme white board, with the use of removable markers & double as a screen projector screen, saving you money. Perfect for Schools, offices, Boardrooms, Hospitals, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants options are endless. 
  • Available in 143 standard colours or choose any colour. great for trade industry requirements. Fantastic for the clients that requires that particular colour, for corporate colour, franchise colour or the individual that is looking for a cost effective durable product that provides options.
  • IPA Acrylic has a maximum heat  temp absorption of 88°C with continuous Acrylics promotes burning & must be kept away from direct flame & extreme heat source.  If used in kitchens we recommend Vetropoly toughened glass for cooktops to sit the width & height of your range hood. 

For more information call our office on 08 8381 8880

ISPS bring to you a range Polymer Sheeting supplying branded Polycarbonate Sheets  Laserlite, Makrolon,  profiled sheets in varied thicknesses. Assorted PMMA Acrylic Sheets including PLEXIGLAS® & Perspex from 3mm, 6mm and 10mm thickness. Satin coloured polymer sheets.


The person signing  for any ISPS orders must be 18 years of age and able to check goods are received in new order. Note goods collected from a depo in your state should be collected in a reasonable time frame and not left in storage as they will not be covered for damages if they occur. Goods should be checked and unpacked and left in cool safe place.

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