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Case Studies - ISPS Innovate Australian made building products - sustainable and suitable for many applications.

Australia's architects, builders & DIY renovators find assurance when working with ISPS Innovations building products.

Case studies reflecting our Australian made building products

Case Study 1:  Acrylic Polymer Splashbacks for commercial use.

Acrylic Polymer Splashbacks for Residential Aged Care Facility

Its all about the manufacture process.

ISPS Innovations have 6 times supplied with success a prominent Aged Care Facility in Victoria over 356 m2 of IPA Acrylic Splashbacks with GRIPTEK barrier backing, which is ongoing as they grow their facilities.

The Dilemma & Solution

Acrylic Splashbacks were stipulated by designers for this aged care facility appointing another acrylic splashback company as the supplier. The issue here was the builder was not confident with the supplier from previous projects due to silicone bleeds through the sheet and shadowing from marks behind the wall left with the waterproof membrane.

Turning Point

The builders engaged ISPS Innovations instead - not once but 6 times over the last 3 years for this very project model. The designers were eager to jump on board and where pleased with the warranties and stringent testing of IPA Acrylic making ISPS Innovations the preferred Acrylic Splashback Supplier for this development along with many others.

The builder stated the other acrylic splashbacks specified on their building schedule were substandard, prone to silicone bleeding after curing times up to 6-18 months on and that the paint to the rear could easily peel or scratch off.

The Builder also stated the support from the supplier of the acrylic splashbacks was less than friendly when reporting the issues & the material was not practicable for their trades.

The builder recalled using ISPS once before on a previous project as a backup, because the original acrylic splashback supplier had lengthy lead times so gave us a go with the approval of the specifier.

The builder found their residential bathroom installations where 4 bathrooms were addressed for an apartment complex using our IPA Acrylic splashbacks for the remodelling, were highly praised by the owners and trade working with the product even a couple years on from installation.

The Standout Element of IPA Acrylic Splashbacks.

IPA Acrylic is available in any colour or digital printed splashbacks & comes with a protective barrier backing - GRIPTEK to the rear of the sheet, preventing water proofing or dark shadows peering through the sheet. This means that the walls do not require a neutral colour to be applied all over the wall before sheet installation.

Colour is only applied where sheets overlap in a corner or are butt-joined, where neutral cure colour paint must be applied, 20 mm either side of the adjoining sheets, saving the trades preparation & further costs.

The builder communicated with ISPS Innovations, and it has been a continuous working relationship ever since.

Positive Result

IPA Acrylic splashbacks were fitted all through the aged care facilities behind wash basins, consulting rooms, floor to ceiling bathrooms and bathtub surrounds, tea and coffee areas including our IPA Acrylic marker boards for their board rooms.

3 key colours were required, and colour matched to Dulux paint range. All sheets were provided with GRIPTEK barrier backing.

The builder had a standard for quality & preferred to work with ISPS over other suppliers.

Measures 1. Trust in the product. The builder engaged ISPS Innovations on other projects and had faith in the quality of our products over other suppliers.

Measure 2. IPA Acrylic Splashbacks come with GRIPTEK barrier backing & in the past the builder had endless quality issues with other acrylic splashback suppliers with neutral cure silicone marking & bleeding through the sheet some 6 months + on, causing issues for their company.

Measure 3. Onsite support for trades - only a phone call away.

Measure 4. Price, volume orders were discounted.

Measure 5. ISPS worked with the design team to get the best yield and coverage out of the sheet, so no waste on over supply of material.

Measure 6. All panels were quality checked after the manufacture process, masked, labelled with dimensions, site location, to simplify the nightmare of opening multiple supplier builder packs onsite.

Measure 7. By labelling and organizing the sheets & liaising with the builder to map out installation, this assisted the trade, making the installation application smooth.  

Through the manufacture of each splashback ISPS deliver rigorous quality checks and photograph each panel before they leave, providing the builder a mud-map to unravelling the skid in conjunction with the mapped installation process.

Measure #8. Efficient ETA’s

Project builds at this level mean concluding dimensions are not always prepared, ISPS work closely with the builders to ensure the products are produced labelled and shipped at the last possible hour of production.

ISPS were provided 3 colour choices matched to Dulux

All the sources required to deliver the splashbacks were planned and accomplished efficiently.

ISPS are committed to designers/architects, builders & DIY home Renovators.



ISPS will not rush our painted and printed splashbacks but provide all commercial and residential works as a priority for builders.

Because of our stringent production processes ISPS can provide robust performing painted and printed splashbacks in appropriate time frames and not compromise quality.

The builder

It’s no wonder ISPS Innovations are the Australian made product choice for a expanding amount of designers, architects, builders and DIY Renovators. 

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