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Supplier for Specifiers - Commercial Acrylic Splashbacks - Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks 

Knowledge - Product Range - Reliability

ISPS understand the importance of commercial projects. Our company provides interior product design knowledge and works with Architects and Designers, on custom, reliable building material solutions.

Working with interior industry leaders & architects, ISPS engage & create their vision, presenting a finished product that represents strength & reliability.

Commercial Projects

The Splendour - What ISPS provide designers & the trade industry.

ISPS provide sample proofs as per Architectural & Interior Design request. ISPS combat, frustrating limitations, delivering exceptional service, product range & colour matching services & techniques well beyond expectations, improving the direction & the product constancy of the design to finish.

Authentication certificate

ISPS products are certified with an authentication certificate provided to the specifier after installation of your order.

ISPS Innovations carry the Australian Made logo on our total range of building products.


Servicing Australia with over 25 years’ experience with polymer splashbacks, cabinetry builds, 2pac finishes, and recycling - the founding Director of ISPS proudly completed the units and homes for the Olympics Athletes back in 2000 and completed commercial projects like Wendy's, Price line, ANZ, many high-rise apartment projects, Schools & Universities, Jewellery stores to name a few, equipped with the knowledge & demands of dealing with major supply chains from 2005, ISPS Innovations are Australia’s premier provider & original high heat polymer splashback & acrylic splashback supplier - for Australian made painted & printed DIY polymer splashbacks, that remain the highest quality available in Australia.


This makes the end project a success - you can then deliver the Architect & Designers creative specification colour & size being just the start, the warranties speak for themselves.

Bonéthane Higher Heat Polymer Splashbacks

Bonéthane high heat polymer splashbacks are the first Australian Made splashback designed to go behind induction & ceramic cooktops - note a clearance of 60mm off the wall is required for fixed electric cooktops. Heat shields are also available for cooktops that are gas.

Bonéthane is not suitable for gas cooktops that butt-join to side walls or back onto a wall.

Polymer & Glass Splashbacks

ISPS Innovations paint & print to the rear of our panels, delivering a spectacular clearness of imagery and colour.

GripTek Barrier backing

ISPS polymer sheets are barrier backed with GRIPTEK barrier backing, establishing the lock in of colour or image - protection, preventing silicone bleeding, water proofing colour or shadows on the wall transmitting through the sheet & colour fading.

GripTek eliminates coating the entire wall a neutral colour. You only need to coat the wall a neutral colour where sheets overlap in a corner or are butt joined, coverage of 20 mm either side of section.

UV treated Polymer Splashbacks

ISPS Polymer splashbacks are UV regulated. Locking in the colour and image.  ISPS IPA Acrylic has a 30-year UV warranty - Bonéthane has a 10-year UV warranty.


ISPS polymer splashback sheets are produced in the state-of-the-art factories.

Our range of custom polymer splashbacks have positive gains over glass, tiles, and other splashback products in the marketplace, that said we supply toughened glass and tiles too if you need to mix it up.

Glass Splashbacks

ISPS Glass Splashbacks are rear painted or printed for the use behind gas cooktops, 50 mm clearance is required to the back of toughened glass splashbacks. Note, toughened glass does not permit you to leave cooking appliances pressed up against glass unattended, this can burn the paint or print.


ISPS Splashbacks - wide range of applications

  • Kitchen splashbacks 

  • Shower Wall Panels  

  • Printed Splashbacks

  • Vanity Splashbacks     

  • Noticeboards

  • Commercial Fit-outs

  • Reception Areas

  • Corporate Signage

  • Alfresco & BBQ Areas

  • Counter/Bar Fronts

  • Bath & Spa Surroundings  

  • Wet Area Wall Panels 

  • Retail & Hospitality

  • Laundry Splashbacks  

  • Bathroom Splashbacks

  • Decorative Feature Walls  

ISPS polymer splashbacks are perfect for makeovers and new builds.

Effortless to work with

Suitable to install over new or existing wall surfaces

Half the weight of glass, 25x more impact resistant

Install over existing tiles and waterproofing (providing water proofing is in excellent condition.)

ISPS Polymer sheets can be cut, drilled, planned - at the time of installation - using normal wood working tools & standard fabricating equipment.

To secure ISPS polymer panels to the wall use neutral cure clear silicone. Joins are sealed with neutral cure silicone, clear or any colour to contrast the sheet. Panels are hygienic, mould and grout free. Maintain easy cleaning steps. Typical panel fitting is 4 x quicker than installing tiles Any handyperson can install our polymer acrylic splashbacks.



  • ISPS Splashbacks - Easy to Clean & Maintain

  • ISPS Splashbacks provide a stylish and modern grout free finish.

  • Some of the cleaning and maintenance benefits:

  • Cleaning is a breeze, simply wash with warm soapy water rinse residue and wipe with a damp soft cloth or chamois. Remove residue with clean damp cloth if still visible. Wipe with a clean hot damp cloth, ISPS Polymer sheets air dry and shine once residue is removed.

Be Aware

Never mind about the acrylic splashback impersonator with paid likes, claiming to be the first Australian Made Acrylic Splashback - that’s just nonsense.   Anyone can get PLEXIGLAS and paint it, or screen print it, it will never have a protected back unless GRIPTEK is applied.

Product Range & Flexibility

  • CulourTek Benchtops

  • ISPS Doors

  • Polymer Splashbacks

  • IPA Acrylic Splashbacks

  • Printed Splashbacks

  • Bonethane high heat polymer splashbacks

  • Products are available cut to size and shape or address yourself.

  • Magnificent & Reasonably Priced

  • Stronger & Lighter

  • Repairable

  • Design Flexibility

  • Delivery Australia Wide

Do not: Dry polish Splashbacks - ISPS splashbacks air dry and shine

Harsh cleaning agents are not required - saving you money & ridiculous cleaning procedures.

ISPS colour match by eye so we will require a physical colour sample when matching to colour or shades. This applies to fixed furnishings to prevent clashing. This is important to our colour process.

ISPS creates affordable luxury products in the most amazing colours & creative finishes.

CulourTek Benchtops & Doors

Create your benchtop, partition, door & drawer space in your desired colour or EFX.

ISPS CulourTek benchtops add a superfluous element to any room. An appealing surface and amalgamation of grain EFX stone flicks or marbled grained radiance, timber look finishes paired with modern straight lines.

CulourTek creations unquestionably makes the consciousness come alive with our unlimited eye-catching finishes and colour options.


ISPS countertops / benchtops are durable & unlimited in colour range & design.

ISPS Replicate the following finishes.

  • Marble EFX

  • Timber look EFX

  • Stone look EFX

  • Abstract EFX

Adelaide built, nationally delivered custom building products.

CulourTek Benchtops are available in an unlimited selection of colour bases that are custom made. Choose your base colour selection, flick and shade, timber look or marble EFX.

ISPS Innovations Colour Palette is only one of its kind, a textured or gloss surface that integrates the colours of your environment seamlessly through our innovation.

CulourTek Benchtops are a hand crafted and painted finish. Our designs are endless in colour and pattern. ISPS work with you to achieve the best outcome.

You can preview your tops to approve pattern, colour, and shape.

ISPS have future proofed CulourTek benchtops, they are a great addition to the environment, in the event of damage they can be repaired, restored, or modified eliminating landfill providing an additional 7-year warranty after complete resurfacing. Note stone, marble and acrylic benchtops cannot be repaired when cracked & will continue to fracture.

ISPS use Australian made MR board and is available in various thicknesses.

For more information on our Australian made range go to our contact us page or call on 08 8186 0845.




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