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Acrylic Splashbacks, custom coloured splashbacks, printed splashbacks, cut to size & delivered Australia wide.

Acrylic Splashbacks national delivery Australia wide

ISPS Innovations custom manufacture and design innovative splashbacks, benchtops, doors, kitchens & resurfacing.  

IPA Acrylic Splashback Installation Tutorial - YouTube Acrylic splashback installation tutorial.

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Acrylic Splashbacks by ISPS's innovative interiors is an engineered coloured polymer intensified by any colour.

ISPS further improve the quality of our acrylic splashback & polymer range by providing a painted splashback or printed splashback with bespoke finishes.

Acrylic Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations can be cut drilled, planned, repaired & polished.

You can install our polymer high heat acrylic splashback behind induction or ceramic cooktops.

Call us today to enquire about our range of high heat Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks used in kitchens & outdoor BBQ areas.

  • ISPS Acrylic splashbacks are the affordable alternative to glass & other metal composite panels in the market place claiming their products finish up with reflections that are flawless & look or perform better than glass.
  • ISPS Innovations supply , glass, acrylic splashbacks, Bonethane high heat polymer splashbacks available in any colour & gloss level.
  • Our painted splashbacks come with a barrier backing called GRIPTEK on the back of our sheets preventing silicone bleeding or colour delamination and fading.
  • If you are looking for product information and the choice of a selection of splashbacks in the market place contact ISPS Innovations.
  • ISPS  IPA Acrylic Splashback match up well with tiles creating a feature piece that is classy and everlasting.
  • ISPS custom Australian Made acrylic splashbacks are perfect for commercial and residential projects, they  look identical to glass and finish better than glass.
  • Our Exquisite acrylic splashbacks are used in kitchens, bathrooms & laundries making our acrylic sheets the best creative decorative vertical surface for feature wall finish. Our Innovative acrylic splashbacks are stronger than glass & designed as either a painted splashback or printed splashback 

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