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Acrylic Splashbacks or High heat Polymer any colour Bonethane Grades

Posted by ISPS Innovations on 27 January 2014

Welcome to the New ISPS Innovations Website!

Your home to Bonethane Premium, IPA Acrylic Splashbacks, Alumethane, VetroPoly Toughened Glass, Kuttm8. ISPS are in the process of ranging the balance of our brands & would like to inform,  our on line shop is only a few weeks away!

ISPS Innovations is your one stop domain for all your interior & exterior requirements. Each request is custom made to suit your application. Call one of our helpful team. ISPS can create your vision through our innovation.   

Where else will you find a broad range of Splashback options in any colour & in various substrates that is suitable for every application with no minimum order quantity.

Where elese will you find custom DIY products that you can install with ease in your own property. Did you say you need an installer? ISPS  can arrange this. Call ISPS 08 8381 8880

Where else can you coordinate corporate themes, colours, architectural & interior design requests for commercial or domestic applications. Speak with the specialists that have the experience.

Did you know ISPS Innovations are able to address other custom interiors such as bench-tops & polyurethane doors in any gloss level. More about this coming soon!  ISPS Innovations the MASTERS in DIY products making you the DIY MASTER!     Call 08 8381 8880 or submit your enquiry through our enquiry screen

ISPS Innovations, Masters in DIY custom products

Bonethane Premium Two tone effect & Colour Toned VetroPoly Glass all customised.


Author: ISPS Innovations
Tags: DIY Acrylic Splashbacks IPA Acrylic Splashbacks, Bonethane Premium Splashbacks & Wall Panels, Colour Acrylic Splashbacks Bonethane Premium ISPS Innovations Splashbacks
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