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DIY Splashbacks Delivered Nationally

Posted by ISPS Innovations on 12 January 2015

DIY Masters for all your interior needs by ISPS Innovations


ISPS Innovations cover a broad range of custom DIY interior products nationally delivered all over Australia.

Bonethane Premium Splashbacks in any colour!

The following prices excludes Metallic, EFX & DigitalArt, additonal charge

  • 2440 x 1220 x 5mm Bonethane Premium Splashbacks Sheets in any solid colour $519 delivered to metro areas nationally. Additonal charge outside metro zoned areas.
  • Bonethane Premium Splashback Packs available, includes BP sheet, solid colour match, glass insert for cook top in silver, 3 straight cuts, trim, filler or customise to suit your application.
  1. Option 1/ Bonethane Premium Packs, 2440 x 760 x 5mm BP Sheet, 3 Straight cuts,Star Fire Vetro glass 600 x 650 in Silver or 900 x 650mm (please choose glass size)1 Filler EFX , 6 trim 760mm in Anodised. Delivered $ 810 INC GST
  2. Option 2/ Bonethane Premium Pack, 2600 x 800 x 5mm, 3 Straight cuts, Star Fire Vetro glass 600 x 650 in Silver or 900 x 650mm in silver (please choose glass size)1 Filler EFX, 6 trim 800mm in Anodised. Delivered  $890 INC GST

NOTE: custom glass or colour toning glass to blend with Bonethane is an addtional charge. 

Bonethane Premium does not split or crack when cutting with standard fabricating equiptment. With our offers above we include a practice piece, for your peace of mind. Another first by ISPS Innovations.

ISPS offer a cutting service.  

1 Straight cut  $45.00, 4 to 6 straight cuts $139.00, 10 to 12 straight cuts $172.

You will need to provide a signed or confirmed cutting list prior to cutting.

CALL 08 8381 8880


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