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Bonethane & DIY IPA Acrylic Splashbacks - Features & Benefits

Bathroom High Gloss Wall Panels in any colour. Renovations made easy with Bonethane


IPA Acrylic splashbacks and Bonethane are suitable for bathrooms & will not require any harsh cleaning agents to maintain

How do I clean Bonethane & IPA Acrylic Splashbacks?

In just a few minutes you can wash Bonethane & IPA Acrylic Splashbacks with a sponge soaked in warm soapy water, rinse any soapy residue, wipe with damp clean towelling cloth and simply walk away leaving Bonethane & IPA to air dry and shine within minutes.

For those quarters holding heavy trafficked oils ie: showers where oils accumulate quicker, a commercial plastic cleaner, Diggers wax and grease remover will dissolve oils in seconds, continue to wash with warm soapy water, rinse residue, wipe with damp cloth & walk away.

IPA Acrylic shower splashbacks are designed to air dry & will simply shine when residue is washed & dissolved properly. Bonethane will not attract mould.

IPA Acrylic Splashbacks & Bonethane are DIY & cost effective, can be cut down on site including power points and innovative angles.

  • Bonethane sheets can be easily cut or drilled by using the most standard fabricating equipment. Bonethane is light and flexible.
  • Bonethane will not split, chip or crack during handling.
  • Light scratches can be buffed out.
  • Bonethane comes in an any colour shade or depth.
  • Bonethane is available in  different thicknesses and sizes to accommodate all your requirements.
  • We colour match within a 15%  variation of your selected colour choice 20% on earthy tones.
  • Bonethane can be applied to kitchens, laundries, doors, feature walls, external shop fronts, the choice of Bonethane applications are endless.....
  • Bonethane is easy to clean. Strictly clean with a sponge soaked in warm soapy water. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE TOOLS OR CLEANING AGENTS.
  • When mounting and applying silicone to Bonethane or IPA polymer substrates to the wall for good adhesion it is advised to mount sheets to gyprock surface or laminate to cement sheeting. Bricks and concrete are not suitable. So it is important to line your wall if brick or concrete is exposed
  • 7 year warranty against ordinary conditions. 
  • Bonethane Premium is UV treated for outdoor applications i.e. pool areas and patio. With Bonethane Premium the options & colours are endless.
  • Bonethane can also be used in wet areas i.e. in showers, laundries etc.
  • Bonethane is available in different sized sheets the sizes are: up to 2M by 3M  cut to size  or cut to shape.
  • ISPS supply metal trim suitable as a join or for finishing edges. At request we can mitre the edges or colour co ordinate strips to match your sheet additional charges may apply, please speak with your nearest distributor or contact 08 8381 8880 for more details.
  • Bonethane has self extinguishing properties, view our youtube clip Bonethane Vs Acrylic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LbYZRtsvtY

For Kitchens 

Bonethane ® has a continuous service temperature of 110°C behind induction & ceramic cooktops. Heat greater than 110°C will require a form of heat shield to protect the sheet.

Can be used behind free-standing cooktops with raised fixed metal shield to the rear of cooktop, cooktop must sit off the wall and not be butt up to the wall. Bonethane has a continuous service temperature of 110°C. Refer to your cooktop manufacturers specifications and follow Australian standards. 

Not suitable for exposed gas burners, air fryers, BBQs, or where heat is greater than 110°C. 

Increased heat requires minimum of 200 mm clearance to the rear & or above the cooktop/appliance. Stainless steel or glass inserts can rest behind cooktop where heat exceeds 110 ° C - Bonethane can rest above the inserts or to the side of insert depending on the style you choose.

Bonethane® stands out as an excellent choice for metal and glass replacement for service temperatures that do not exceed 110°C providing adequate distance is maintained.

Bonethane & IPA Acrylic are not suitable to rest behind BBQs, open gas burners, air fryers or heat greater than 110°C.


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