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Custom Acrylic Splashbacks & Printed Splashbacks - National Supplier ISPS

Feb 14 2019
Acrylic Splashback Suppliers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Hobart.&...

Acrylic Splashbacks & Printed Splashbacks Adelaide

Feb 13 2019
Acrylic Splashbacks and Printed Splashbacks Adelaide Welcome to ISPS Innovations the creat...
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Bonethane & IPA DIY Acrylic SplashbackTips

Bonethane & IPA DIY Acrylic Splashbacks are a breeze to cut! & straight forward to install! Below, several Tips to choosing the right DIY Bonethane or Acrylic splashback, our innovative splashback range are ozzie ozzie ozzie, Australian made.

Rule number 1, lay out your colour choices and be responsible for your decisions. Ensure that the colour pallette of each substrate you work with do not clash.  Do not assume what colours your getting, ISPS Innovations provide alternative colour options, colour matching and samples prior to application. 

Tips to choosing the right  DIY Splashback

Did you know that we at ISPS will cut up to 3 cuts on Bonethane Premium free on the 2440 x 760 sheet Pack?  As long as cuts are straight & all the way through the sheet.

Angles & power-hole cuts are not included in this offer and does not apply to 2440 x 1220 sheet (additonal charge). Simply pass the cutting list to our office. For extra cuts a fee may be applied, please contact us for more details.

  • Bonethane's preferred adhesive is Parfix All Purpose, highly flexible silicone sealant which is available at Bunnings. The silicone must be in clear, neutral cure, non acidic. This product is also mould and UV resistant.

If you have an accidental spill of silicone on the face of Bonethane, what do you do?

  • Use either mineral turps, wax or grease remover. Apply product to effected area liberally to remove silicone. The residue should be removed immediately by washing area with warm soapy water. These solvents are available at your local hardware store or your local super market.
  • Bonethane must lay flat for first 3 hours prior to installation
  • If you have white Kitchen and choose a white splash back please take into consideration that there are many variations of white. The A/white Splash can come off looking grey against white cupboards if you require further information about colour process please call our office. Check our - Selecting Colours page
  • Do not use the brochure colour pallette as a true indication of Bonethane colour. If you are unable to locate a display board please advise ISPS ASAP. ISPS will provide you a  free flat clour match on your Bonethane order over 2.97m2.  
  • When matching white decor with Bonethane. Please note that Bonethane in white against white decor can have a blue or greyish element reflective of our UV inhibitors. Other option is our IPA Acrylic. 
  • If you buy two sheets of the same colour from different stores this is not advised. The sheets are going side by side,  before purchase,  check peel corner of masking a couple of centimetres to ensure colour consistency before purchasing or installation. If multiple sheets are ordered of the same colour batch as a special order, this will not be necessary. If a variation is noted please call 08 8381 8880 with proof of purchase from recognised distributor. Please note all masking must remain intact, except for the couple cm corners which allows for colour view. The store or ISPS should be advised.
  • If ordering more than one sheet of the same colour it is advised to order of the same colour batch. This is to accommodate the colour variation ageing process. ISPS is not responsible for any inconsistencies due to sheet being produced in separate time frames. ISPS have since created a NEW backing technology to assist with this process. ISPS are not responsible if you purchase multiple sheets from store that did not come in as a special custom order. All colours have a settling stage & colours beyond our control can vary. So order at the same time or send us a sample of what you already have so we can get it right!
  • Colour Toning Existing High Gloss Bonethane Grades
    If you are extending areas in your home & require more Bonethane, ISPS Innovations can colour tone additional Bonethane for your project. What we require is a piece of Bonethane at least 600 x 600mm to be posted back to us, so we can process colour. The bigger the sample the better the match. We can have up to a 15% to 18% variation in colour toning. If the sample is to small we are limited in our colour process which can blow variation out to 25% & can effect pigment ratio which is out of our control. ISPS are not responsible or imply that we can get colours to match 100% if you choose this service you do so with th understanding there will always be some sort of variation.  ISPS will do there best to match as close as possible. This service can not be refunded.
  • Before mounting Bonethane to your wall, you can use the cardboard packaging as a template to gage placement of Bonethane.
  • Ensure the wall is free of holes & sealed. Coat the wall a neutral colour.
  • Ensure a minimum half mm to 1mm gap is left around the parameter of Bonethane, where it is sealed this allows for expansion & contraction.IE: Gaps for expansion include internal corner, base of sheet where it meets bench-top & top where it meets over hanging cupboards. This does not include anywhere joining strips are added, this can be butt joined.
  • When applying silicone to corners, cut nozzle on an angle. Work upwards or forwards when applying silicone. Always remove excess silicone keeping a neat straight line. Be careful not to apply silicone to the face. If you run into trouble try gently rubbing mineral turpentine over the affected area with a clean cameo, or contact ISPS on 08 8381 8880 if in doubt. IMPORTANT: Do not use thinners or abrasive cleaning products to remove or clean Bonethane. In most cases abrasive damage can be reversed, but keep clear of these products. Do not wipe orattempt to polish Bonethane with a dry cloth. A warm damp towelling cloth once soapy oily residue is removed, will keep you Bonethane bright & with shine.
  • Use clear neutral cure non acidic silicone (water proof kitchen or bathroom grade) to mount Bonethane to the wall in grid format see instructions. (Parfix All Purpose neutral cure in clear is preferred silicone)
  • Do not use coloured silicone on the back of Bonethane, this should only be used for the edges.
  • Do not apply silicone to the face of Bonethane. This should only be applied to the back of the product in a grid format (refer to instructions) for mounting or when sealing corners. If you are faced with an accidental spill, try to gently remove with turps with clean soft cameo. If you are uncertain and require assistance please call (08) 8381 8880 our staff will be happy to assist..
  • Ensure blades are sharp for cutting & that battery operated tools are fully charged. As this can result in the product pulling up.
  • If you are having trouble choosing a colour for Bonethane, try painting some newspaper and holding it up to the area you wish to decorate.
  • Do not install Bonethane unless edges are lightly sanded, this will address any saw marks, this can effectively reflect the light showing shadows, this is a 2 minute process.

ISPS can colour match to any physcial colour sample. We do not copy colour formula codes, our process is to colour match by eye. We ask that for critical colour matching processes that the primary physical colour sample is presented for matching as varaitions will occur on a guess or assumption.  




  • Bonethane is a DIY product. Added benefits are that all cut outs and innovative angles can be done moments before installation, saving you the additional cost on all cut outs and installation processes. BONETHANE PREMIUM IS NOT ACRLYIC & WILL NOT SPLIT OR CRACK WHEN EXECUTING CUTS WITH STANDARD JIGSAW OR DRILL! Bonethane is slightly more expensive than Acrylic but when you look at the plus, this will effectively save you money. The proof is in the cutting & the burning. View our candle burn test Bonethane Premium Vs Acrylic.
  • The following tools can be used: jigsaw; band saw, router, planer, drilling. Circular saw can be used only if you areexperienced, all tools must have fine sharp blades, not big teeth as this will chop into the product, if cuts are not following in proper streamline (ie; stopping starting and varying speeds where big teeth are concerned). Fine blades will cut like butter with ease. Remember secure your sheet! Bonethane Premium can be cut with sharp fine blade stainless steel or plastic blade.
  • The following items are also required, however, these are not included in the Bonethane pack: tile wedges, clear silicone (non acidic), protective goggles, dust mask, saws, level etc.
  • Bonethane can be cut down and installed on site including power points and innovative angles which bring style to any home or commercial environment moments before installation.


  • Light scratches can be buffed out using the same application as you would use on a vehicle. Bonethane is versatile product with an easy to care for surface.
  • To ensure your product does not get damaged, you must keep Bonethane sitting upright against a wall, with a distance minimum 10 cm from any standard ( electric kettle) heat expelled appliances ( DO NOT PLACE BEHIND GAS HOB! where distance is less than 20cm form the extension of the flame or BBQ area!).
  • To clean: Strictly use a sponge soaked in soapy detergent and move in circular motion.
  • To rinse: Use a towelling cloth with clean warm water & squeeze excess water. Then wipe in downward motion, repeat a second or third time, removing excess lather.
  • To Dry: Do not polish with DRY cloth. Bonethane will dry, providing the excess water becomes minimal when wiping down with warm damp towelling cloth, allowing to dry & shine.
  • Always refer to Warranty Guidelines and Care Do's and Don'ts when maintaining Bonethane product. Securing a 7 year warranty against ordinary conditions please refer to warranty reflecting maintenance of Bonethane

Polishing edges Bonethane Premium:

Wet Dry sand paper.

  • Step 1: Sand edge using 180 grit.
  • Step 2: Sand edge using 240 grit
  • Step 3: Sand edge using 320 grit.
  • Step 4: Sand edge using 400 grit.

Another alternative is to get cotton bud with a little thinners and run down the edge, ensuring that the thinners do not touch the face of Bonethane as this will mark the product. Edges can be buffed, however Bonethane must be firmly secured as the rotational pull can cause a number of mishaps and may grab at the product flicking out of your hand or even flick up at you.


  • When buffing only use light to medium pressure in a circular motion, be sure not to apply to much pressure.
  • Before you apply Bonethane to the wall with white sheets fill any holes, paint a neutral colour.

In preparation for cutting ensure that the Bonethane sheet is masked side down. The sheet must be firmly secured when cutting, so that it does not pull up at you. All blades must be sharp not blunt as this can chop into the product. For those people with battery aided power tools please ensure that batteries are fully charged as this will result in the same trauma to the product. Because of Bonethane's exceptional strength properties these requests must be followed for premium results it is also apart of our warraties.

  • Before you cut Bonethane Premium ensure there is a 1 to 2 mm gap around the perimeter for expansion and contraction. Gaps can be filled with bathroom or kitchen grade water proof silicone.
  • Masking should remain on until you are satisfied that Bonethane is secure from injury, peel off the masking.
  • Clear bathroom or kitchen grade non-acidic silicone must strictly be used on the back of Bonethane to be mounted on the wall. (Preferred silicone- Parfix All Purpose)
  • The silicone must be applied in a grid like fashion 10 to 15 cm apart. Remember clear non acidic silicone.


Tips to choosing your DIY Acrylic Splashback, Bonethane & Luxury Bathroom Wall panels in any colour DigitaART - By ISPS Innovations

Polymer Splashback category.  ISPS provide value and DIY interior tips as a part of our service.

Tip 1:  Choosing your DIY Acrylic Splashback, Bonethane & Supplier.
Before you buy any product enquire how long the company has been trading?  Is the company your dealing with using copycat tactics from other websites to lure you in. Do they state they use the highest grade Acrylic and piggy back off the manufactures credibility, yet lack to explain how their coating conforms, bonds and weathers with the material. Are their warranties & testimonials worthy? Do they cover structural defects, coatings delaminating, UV warranties? Are you choosing the right splashback category for your intended environment application?  Do you require to prep wall prior to install & do their products leave a ripple effect after placement because of the quality of the material? Are the install instructions simplified? Are you being provided Australian standard compliant information for the intended use of your application? Does the supplier hide hidden disclaimers regarding the application of their product and process of their products? All very important questions before you make your decision..

Tip 2:  What grade of material do you require for your  DIY project?
Do you require Acrylic Splashbacks for your project or the original DIY High Heat Polymer Splashback Bonethane? Available in any colour, metallic, Abstarct EFX & DigitalArt with GripTek backing.
SOME HISTORY: Bonethane as seen on Better Homes and Gardens is a high heat polymer that cuts, drills, planes without the hassle of cracking or splitting, deals with heat better than all acrylics in the market place and is a great insulator for electro static, great for hospitals, clinical laboratories, commercial and domestic kitchens, shop fit-outs, showers, bathrooms, outdoors and has been servicing the DIY & commercial industry since early 2000 and is trusted & accredited  through our working history.Put simply Bonethane is 200 times stronger than Acrylic & Glass.
Acrylic is only 17 times stronger than glass.

Tip 3  Pick a budget and Splashback that covers you and check hidden disclaimers
Pick a budget & choose a substrate that appeals to you. With so many beautiful products to choose from, it should really come down to what you are prepared to pay and what you can get for your money keeping safety in mind.  Once you have made this decision you can address the next stage. Function and colour are key requirements, with the vast categories available there is an impressive range to suit each person. Once you have narrowed your choice to budget you need to look at durability and the warranties it covers.  When you make your choice on your Splashback it is important to factor in the warranty and any disclaimers. It may mean you need to spend a little bit more to get the utmost use and longevity for your splash space.

  • You can purchase set sheet sizes supplied and delivered or optional cutting fee for those set sheets.
  • You can also choose a M2 rate, bringing you no waste and a choice in your splashback category with set prices & no hidden costs delivered to your state.ISPS have supplied thousands of customers over the years for their custom designed projects. Choosing ISPS is cost effective and we will provide you with a range of alternatives to suit your project not just one option.

Tip 4 Colour choice
Colour Choice. Before you choose your coloured splashback you need to take a step back and look at the total area you are working with. Most companies will offer a standard set colour range with each category, whilst other companies offer unlimited colour range effects and digitally printed processes with protective backings.
When choosing your splashback, consider the colours of your walls, kitchen doors, benchspace and most importantly the level of light in the space you are working with. Sheet can take on a different colour lying flat to sittiing upright because of the high gloss finish.

Tip 5: Do you get a practice piece of DIY splash with your project?                                    

ISPS as always look out for our clients we provide a practice piece of IPA Acrylic or Bonethane with every order that is delivered. With our packages we also supply, free trim, custom fillerEFX & cuts are included, making the DIY experience even easier and time efficient not to mention visually rewarding. If you require a trades person to install we can arrange this also.

Tip 6: National after hours support for your DIY project

Ensure that the supplier you are dealing with is available to assist you with your project and provide a land line as well as after hours care. All ISPS products are supported by after hours care nationally across Australia. Maybe google earth their business address. 08 8381 8880 Nationally delivered

Tip 7 Joins, where should they go?
Joins in a splashbacks.  Question where your joins appear. You should create joins in areas where other seams appear this keeps the look symmetrical. These areas can be dressed with joining strips to create a uniformed finish. Other visually rewarding looks are the custom filler EFX as seen below.  ISPS designs our filler EFX based on the colour of your project. These fillers are designed to run through the course of the sheet, vertically or horizontally capturing the colour palette.  Because they are uniformed to blend with your splashback & appliance colour choice it creates a platform for continuous length  & unvarying finishes.

Tip 8 Cooktop. What do I place behind my cooktop?
Always be aware of what to place behind your cook-top.  Acrylic is not suitable for behind any cooktop, see our youtube clip Bonethane Premium VS Acrylic candle burn test.  It is an eye opener & not to be missed  .  While Toughened glass Inserts, Stainless steel or tiles can be an attractive alternative for behind your cook-top area, it is still important to coordinate the colour scheme for your cook-top or appliance colours in your choice of insert colour application.  For more information call ISPS Innovations on 08 8381 8880




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