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Printed Splashbacks & Wall Panels

By ISPS Innovations priced to perfection


Printed Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations

ISPS Printed Splashbacks are specified by Architects, Interior Designers & used by DIY Renovators.

ISPS Printed Splashbacks cover commercial and residential expectations.

Our Printed Acrylic splashbacks, Bonethane printed splashbacks & glass printed splashbacks are digitally printed to the rear of our polymer and glass panels. Unlike face printed splashbacks that can scuff off if knocked.

ISPS printed splashbacks and painted splashbacks are proudly Australian made and carry the Australian Made logo.


Being rear printed splashbacks provides a realistic depth and naturalness. Printed acrylic splashbacks are cheaper than printed glass splashbacks but if you need glass we address that too. Our Innovative Designer Printed Splashbacks are not ordinary there extraordinary, turning your high resolution image into a luxury printed splashback masterpiece for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry for domestic and commercial application.

ISPS use the state of the art printing technology for our polymer acrylic printed splashbacks, Bonethane printed splashbacks and glass printed splashbacks coupled with our GRIPTEK barrier backing formula designed to protect painted and printed finish applied to the backs of our polymer sheets. GRIPTEK is not applied to glass.

IPA Acrylic printed splashbacks & Bonéthane, are suitable for showers, kitchens, laundries, wet areas, commercial projects, & domestic DIY home renovations.

ISPS Polymer Printed Splashbacks & coloured painted splashbacks are sealed, & waterproofed preventing damage to the backs of our polymer sheets with ISPS one of a kind backing marine grade formulae Griptek barrier backing™

ISPS can digitally print to our high gloss splashbacks in Bonethane, IPA Acrylic, Aluminium sheets & glass, creating a decorative printed splashback to accommodate your project and interior design requests. 

Specialists in Splashback categories

ISPS provide our printed splashbacks cut to size & shape including cut outs

ISPS Innovations create innovative splashbacks in many splashback categories

What you need to know about Printed Acrylic splashbacks, Printed Bonethane splashbacks & Printed glass splashbacks

  • When placing a printed splashback in a domestic or commercial space it all comes down to which substrate is suitable for your application. If you have gas burners, air- air-fryers.... then glass or tiles are the right choice.  That said you can not butt up extreme heat to glass  as this will effect the coating to the rear or discolour even though glass can handle extreme heat.
  • For induction, or ceramic cooktops Bonethane is suitable. Bonethane has a 110?C continuous service temperature, requires a 60 mm space behind the rear of cooktop.
  • NOTE: For the placement of Bonethane splashbacks if heat to the rear of the standard cooktop exceeds 110° C at 60 mm space to the rear, please ensure appropriate space is addressed for air flow, minimum 200 mm clearance  to rear and above standard cooktop for extreme heat, refer to cooktop or appliance you purchased for more information.
  • ISPS Acrylic  Printed splashbacks are used in kitchens, bathroom, shower, laundry, feature walls for residential or commercial settings. IPA Acrylic is designed to cover these areas. For more information call ISPS on 08 8381 8880.
  • Points to consider - what type of image can you use, in reality your options are endless.  With the likes of royalty free images like shutter stock & istock photos you have an endless choice of images, your can purchase from an esteemed photographer, or take your own photo as long as the, image fits the layout and the resolution is sufficient.  ISPS can create your digital Art printed image splashback masterpiece . Suitable for any home, shower cubicles, shop or commercial display the options are endless.
  • Above is a collage of  printed splashback sheets. ISPS Innovations created a uniformed water drop, spaced over three sheets. The image was strategically created by our amazing photographer, formed by our graphic designer.
  • With our range of splashback choices you have a selection so be the selector of your next printed splashback or wall panel project for your domestic or commercial space.
  • ISPS Innovations polymer range look identical to glass. You have a choice of Bonethane,  IPA Acrylic, PMMA & toughened glass.
  • PMMA is known as Acrylic also known by trade names such as Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex among several others.
  • Glass, Acrylic or Bonethane Splashbacks can you pickit ? Know the difference before you make a decision.

So what do we need?

  • You may have your own image. Simply produce a high resolution format of 300 DPI or EPS file in original format to fit your layout. We prefer that images are not enhanced or manipulated as this could effect image quality for print process, any changes you make to an original file may not be clear on you low res pdf preview. 
  • Images can be purchased through shutter stock or ISTOCK photos. Note images on a screen are in RGB wider colour gamut, ISPS print to sheet in CMYK lower colour gamut, so there will  be a visual colour variation.
  • ISPS lay out the ready image you supply, we address a low res proof addressing it symmetrically, to fit the area creating an alignment & endless flow. 
  • ETA  to NSW, SA, VIC, QLD.WA, NT, Nth QLD, TAS  28 workdays. Bring your images to life, either  a family portrait school photos or a holiday experience.
  • ISPS Innovations does it all. 
  • ISPS create back lit  feature wall panels and splashbacks enhancing the brilliant shades of life. ISPS Innovations does it all.
  • Tips:  when choosing an image you should look at the vertical and horizontal positioning of the image. This is because you can loose part of the image if the dimensions do not rest just. An image you see on an illuminated screen will not always look the same on the substrate it is applied to.
  • ISPS Innovations provide a low res proof prior to print so if you need to make any changes you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Sometimes it may not be possible to print a whole vertical image horizontally or vice versa as it may distort or loose critical scenery. This also applies to large over sized images that are to be placed in narrow long areas.  Just because they are a large file does not mean it can be reduced to fit across the shape of the sheet.

ISPS are pleased to provide you with many options & choices

ISPS Printed Splashbacks can be  placed on Bonethane, Acrylic , Glass or our Alumethane aluminium sheet range.

Bleeding Silicone on faulty printed splashbacks

Be aware of coloured & printed splashbacks that fail like image to left

Digitally printing onto polymer splashbacks & wall panels, using a machine is achieved simply by using a UV ink that instantly cures on contact without overloading colour on a flat surface, the ink does not key into the sheet it sits on the outer layer meaning the adhering of the image is intact by using its own colour connection over the surface. THE IMAGE NEEDS PROTECTION - GRIPTEK  barrier backing is the ANSWER.

All machines share similar technology, some inks better than others however they are all adhere using similar digital printing methods. Some companies sell digital printed splashbacks and wall panels for the use in bathrooms and kitchens without any protection against the ink on the back of the sheet where the silicone is to be applied to. 

Trade secrets and history making formulas is what give ISPS the edge over copy cat alternative splashback suppliers. Below is an example of unprotected printed and coloured splashbacks with silicone bleeding.

What is more, our polymer printed and painted splashbacks are waterproofed with a protective barrier backing applied to the rear of the sheet called GRIPTEK barrier backing, quality tested since 1998 and now applied to our polymer painted and printed splashbacks.

Our digital printed splashbacks showcase the highest resolution visually, when ISPS are provided the right image resolution to fit the desired space.

Ensure you have the right size and shape image for your printed splashback, consider the cropping of the area. Example you can not expect a portrait photo to fit a landscape setting. That said the size of the image but also be considered when laying out across the splashback.

  • Optional barrier backing on Bonethane or IPA Acrylic eliminates the unsightly wear of silicone marks from or through the sheet once mounted to the wall. Have you ever seen the bleeding of this process in a shopping centre shop display?  This is a shop fitters nightmare!
  • Cost effective and affordable call direct today. Let ISPS create the unimaginable custom printed splashback for your home.
  • PH: 08 8381 8880 or go to our contact screen  CONTACT US and express your enquiry for prompt service 7 days a week till 9pm nationally.
  • Create a collage creating and endless flow printed motive design.
  • Sheets are available with optional barrier backing. You have control over the layout of the image, you may require it reduced, distorted or to run over a number of sheets creating one beautiful piece of art.

Some innovative & creative printed splashback requests

ISPS have formulated a marine grade neutral cure colour application, GripTek barrier backing™, that covers the rear of our digital printed splashbacks & spray-painted splashbacks preventing damage to the backs of our polymer sheets Griptek barrier backing™ this is now available on our printed splashbacks.

Printed Splashbacks Images to be supplied by client 300 DPI, Vector file, we prefer the original file.. DIGITAL low RES PROOF PROVIDED PRIOR TO PRINT PROCESS. We will not print unless you confirm proof. The pdf proof is your responsibility to check against your original image regarding layout, when enlarging, distortion of the image may arise. It is useful to choose an image that identifies with your chosen layout as you can loose a critical part of your image when laid out. Additional charges will apply for more than 1 lay out change or the changing of hi res images once resolution is validated as this takes graphic designers time to address layouts accordingly. Note when choosing an image: images that appear on a screen is displayed in RGB, which displays a wider colour gamut, print to sheeting is CMYK colour base produces a lower colour gamut, there will always be some form of variation. TIPS: Choose a Vertical Image for Portrait and Horizontal for Landscape ensuring graphical measurements sit justified to your sheet size and is laid out correctly. Have a fair expectation of the visual appearance, what is on a screen and is vibrant will not have the same light source to enhance colour spectrum. 60mm clearance from induction or electric cook-top. Not suitable for gas burner that are unprotected at the rear, glass is another option for Gas burners. 7 Year warranty domestic 5 year warranty commercial, conditions apply.

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