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7 Selector Tips. Choosing colours for your renovations - ISPS Innovations

Posted on 8 October 2015
7 Selector Tips. Choosing colours for your renovations - ISPS Innovations

7 Tips to choosing the right colour collaboration for your next renovation or fit-out.

The mystery of shades & white on white.  

Choosing the right shade? The mystery of white on white. There are so many variations of white, which create colour differences from the purest of white falling into greys and yellows. When choosing the right white or any colour shade for your interior, architectural project & renovation, colour deliberation must be prearranged.

ISPS Innovations can discuss at the length varying options and choices to collaborate the right white for your interior project. If you require the purest of whites for your splashback, then ISPS will suggest our IPA Acrylic sheeting as our whites on Bonethane can look more of a grey, similar to "Dulux Terrace White" (or there about).

What needs to be understood, when paint or colour comes out of the pot, the colour in the tin is not going to be the same on the wall, joinery or clear substrate it is being applied to. There are a number of elements to contend with. Firstly the substrate it's being applied to. This could be the face of the material then there is coverage, absorbency, depth to consider . The challenges with other substrates such as glass, acrylic and polymers is that the colour is applied to the back of the sheet ranging from 3 to 12mm depths or sometimes more which alters the colour and reflection because of depth and light source, hence our amazing colour matching options.

Consideration to lighting & space can influence your colour choices so choose carefully. If in doubt call ISPS Innovations, one of our helpful interior team are always ready to assist.

Example of a situation. Choosing whites on whites. ISPS Innovations have always been clear to our clients about contrasting & mixing whites on whites. They all vary. See "Dulux" image above. These colours, range from whites to grey & yellow base.  ISPS  can colour blend or tone to achieve the colour accuracy for near blend with your walls or decor. ISPS require the physical colour sample to achieve this. For precision of toning purposes we ask that you paint gyprock & post to ISPS. If you are satisfied with colour chip then mail this.

Earthy shades & tones don't always blend with other earth shades & tones.

Shade variations can look the same at a simple glimpse but when you take it home the difference is evident!  Your expression to colour residency should be clearly well thought-out before you purchase any product!  (vanities, joinery tiles, splashbacks, timber flooring, fittings, paint for your walls etc)

Custom made kitchens, doors, bench-tops and splashbacks all in any colour with ISPS Innovations!


Create a visionary renovation board. Map out your colour choices and ask your self.....

  1. What white, colour or shade/theme am I trying to achieve?
  2. What colour are my floors going to be?
  3. What colour will my walls be?
  4. What colour will my joinery be?
  5. What colour will my ceiling be?
  6. What colour will my fittings be?
  7. Will all these colour/s work jointly?


These are 7 very important questions to mapping out all your colour options to create a space that is visually rewarding.

So you're in the middle of a renovation? Never pick a bunch of colours and assume they are going to work....  Never happens!  You as a renovator, builder.... should create a colour palette with the choice of colours in real time. What do I mean by real time?  As indicated above, map out your colour choices, it is important to display all your colour options. ISPS Innovations provide a colour matching service to assist in the elimination of clashing colours, so with your order we can provide you with colour choices not a limited colour range.

For those that do not know,  ISPS Innovations custom manufacture a range of innovative interiors.

Our range;

  • Bonethane Splashbacks
  • IPA Acrylic Splashbacks in any colour and print.
  • Etched Glass,
  • Toughened Glass
  • CulourTek Benchtops
  • Joinery
  • Briktan for outside brick rejuvenation, colour toning and blending natural brick to enhance natural lustre, without changing the nature of the bricks appearance..

Each creative range is custom made to size, colour, shade, depth & created for functionality & structural specification.

Your renovation may be a partial renovation, limited to budget, completely understandable. ISPS can provide the right colour options specifically to cater for your partial renovation decor.

Example: splashback or the colour change of existing doors, bench-tops etc all available in any colour choice.If you are sticking to a budget then you should work from your existing colour palette and consider the options available to you to re-invent the  space you want to face lift.Explore the images of this before and after kitchen face lift. In this process we simply recoloured the door faces and kicks to distinguish the balance of the room. Presto refresh! Gone is the out dated laminate timber look. With newly applied door colour & modern handles the appearance of this room is now energized.

Kitchen, Doors, Benchtop, Splashbacks custom made to colour and specification by ISPS Innovations

CulourTek Bench-tops express a grained radiance in any colour combination, non porous surface waterfall edge(no join).  CulourTek Doors are available in any colour, satin, gloss or textured finished. Bonethane Polymer Splashback coordinated to suit CulourTek bench-top grained combination colour.

This is a great example: Bonethane a splash of colour lifting the radiance of a room that carries neutral tones

Or maybe a hint of burnt orange.

ISPS Innovations carry product of Australia logo on Bonethane, CulourTek Creations and Joinery

ISPS Innovations carry Australian Made logo on IPA Acrylic Splashbacks

For all your custom Splashback and Joinery solutions call ISPS Innovations we create your dreams and turn them into a reality. National Delivery to SA, VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD, NTH QLD, WA, NT

Have a creative day with ISPS Innovations! For more information please contact our office.   
By Theresa Leonardos. National Operations Manager ISPS Innovations  Phone 08 8381 8880

Note our Bunnings Splashback range which was Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are now available direct through ISPS Innovationns or call for your nearest distributor.



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