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Acrylic Printed Splashbacks & Wall Panels ISPS Innovations

Posted on 14 September 2017
Acrylic Printed Splashbacks & Wall Panels ISPS Innovations

ISPS Innovations Printed  Acrylic Splashbacks & Bonethane Polymer Sheets can be processed using any high resolution quality image.

After that WOW factor with your Printed Splashbacks or Backlit Splashbacks. Choose ISPS Innovations Innovative range of coloured Polymer Splashbacks and Wall Panels. We have more than 20 reasons why you should choose ISPS for your next splashback, wall panel, benchtop, doors or resurfacing project. 

ISPS Innovations supply our Polymer Acrylic printed splashbacks & Benchtops Australia wide; NSW,Sydney, SA, Adelaide, Vic, Melbourne. QLD, Brisbane, ACT Canberra. Tas, Darwin, WA. Perth, NT, Darwin.

Check out our range of custom benchtops, doors, splashbacks and joinery with CulourTEK Creations

With our Printed Sheeting the image can be of anything, your favourite art piece or scenery transposed to our high gloss or satin finish splashback in either Bonethane, IPA Acrylic Sheets.

Creating a decorative splash for your project and interior design request is easy with ISPS Innovations our Printed Splashbacks come with a protective barrier backing to ensure that the image does not delaminate or prone to silicone bleeding which is due to heat expansion, contraction, humidity and thermal moisture issues.

Check out this disaster, I am sure the client of this commercial project would have been furious with this outcome, which happened a year on down the track our sources advised.

ISPS Innovations are in Specialists in  rear painted Acrylic Polymer Splashback & Wall Panel categories.

ISPS Innovations are leaders in resurfacing & spray painted finishes. We specialise in hand made replications of stone, timber & marble finishes in any gloss level.

ISPS Innovations create the Superior Alternative Splashback Polymer System in Bonethane Digital Printed splashbacks that carry the Australian made logo. Our total range is avaialble in any colour.

You can purchase from our digital Art library & create the image masterpiece that creates a visually rewarding atmosphere. Our Printed Acrylic Sheets are suitable for any home, shower cubicles, shop or commercial displays, the options are endless.

We have placed our Bonethane Printed Sheeting on the outside of our building for 5+ years without a hint of bubbling, lifting or delamination. The product looks new.

For Wall Panels that show case longer lengths, ISPS are masters in creating an even flow, making the join seamless. The image will follow on without interruption.  As you can see our printed images a visually rewarding and crystal clear.

Glass printing can be costly. With ISPS's range of splashbacks you have a selection so be the selector of your next project.

DIY friendly our polymer sheeting can be cut on site no fuss.

Our polymer range look identical to glass. You have a choice of Bonethane or IPA Acrylic( PMMA).

PMMA is known as Acrylic also known by trade names such as Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex among several others. Glass, Acrylic or Bonethane Splashbacks can you pickit?    Know the difference before you make a decision.

Anyone can spray paint acrylic or a substrate, but will it last? Choose carefully before you purchase from a supplier.

Bring your images to life, either a family portrait school photos or a holiday experience.  Without GripTEK  solid  we create back lit  feature wall panels and splashback enhancing the brilliant shades of life. ISPS Innovations does it all.

Tips:  when choosing an image you should look at the vertical and horizontal positioning of the image. This is because you can loose a critical part of the image if the dimensions do not rest just. An image you see on an illuminated screen will not always look the same on the substrate it is applied to. This is because on screen is RGB and Printing methods are processed in CMYK.

ISPS Innovations provide a low res proof prior to print so if you need to make any changes you have the opportunity to do so, so review carefully as we do not refund on errors and are always here to help and answer any question 7 days a week.

Sometimes it may not be possible to print a whole vertical image horizontally or viser versa as it may distort or loose critical scenery. This also applies to large over sized images that are to be placed in narrow long areas. Just because they are a large file does not mean it can be reduced to fit across the shape of the sheet.

Check out these Printed Gumtree Acrylic Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations. This was a custom photo.

ISPS are pleased to provide you with many options & choices
Printed Splashbacks can be  placed on Bonethane, Acrylic or our Alumethane alumium sheet range.

Optional GripTek backing on Bonethane or IPA Acrylic eliminates the unsightly wear of silicone marks or delaminating of coatings from or through the sheet once mounted to the wall. Have you ever seen the bleeding of this process in commercial shopping centre shop display & homes?  This is a shop fitters & installers nightmare! This generally happens a year down the track. Please see the second image from the top. 

Industry professionals use our Bonethane Printed Wall Panels & IPA Acrylic Printed Splashbacks for indoor, outdoor, interior signage or displays because of its exceptional weathering characteristics.

Cost Effective and Affordable call direct today. Let ISPS create the unimaginable
PH: 08 8381 8880 or go to our contact screen  CONTACT US and express your enquiry for prompt service 7 days a week till 9pm nationally.

  • 760 x 2440 Acrylic Printed Splashbacks
  • 2440 x 1220 Bonethane Printed Splashbacks and Wall Panel 
  • 2030 x 3050 Bonethane Printed Splashbacks and Wall Panel
  • Create a collage creating endless flow
  • Available in solid print or backlit splashbacks

ISPS has the facilities to work with you and create the image of your dreams. Sheets are available with optional GripTek backing. You have control over the layout of the image, you may require it reduced, distorted or to run over a number of sheets creating one beautiful piece of art.

ISPS Innovations extensive range of splashback products are available in the following processes in any colour or digital print process.

  • Acrylic printed splashbacks
  • Printed Acrylic Displays for feature walls
  • Printed Acrylic Shower Panels
  • Printed Acrylic Kitchen Panels
  • High heat printed splashbacks
  • High heat polymer printed splashbacks
  • UV printed splashbacks
  • Printed glass splashbacks
  • Digital printed Glass
  • Bonethane Printed Splashbacks
  • Metallic Splashbacks
  • Combination colour EFX Splashbacks
  • Our Splashback range is used in Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Outdoors for commercial and domestic use.


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