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Acrylic Splashbacks & Bonethane By ISPS Innovations

Posted on 19 July 2016
Acrylic Splashbacks & Bonethane By ISPS Innovations

IPA Acrylic Splashbacks & Bonethane® High Heat Polymer Wall Panels

With ISPS Innovations you create your dream colour, shade or print with your custom wall panel to suit your decor & project.

ISPS Innovations Innovative Colourback Polymer Panels are the key solution for architects,designers & DIY Devotee's who acquire excellence in critical colour matching for;

  • high gloss or satin finish acrylic splashbacks and high heat polymer wall panels
  • colour depth contrast
  • combination colour
  • seamless and coordinated finishes
  • printed wall panels/optional GripTEK backing (harden shell rid vinyl wrap process creates colour consistency, no silicone bleeding)
  • simple application methods
  • quality checks
  • IPA Acrylic & Bonethane® carry the Australia Made logo and are Australian Standard compliant.

Our total range can be mixed, matched & coordinated with other custom coloured building material saving time and money see CulourTEK Creations new and resurfacing , benchtops & joinery by ISPS Innovations.

When considering joins in walls where sections are over 3metres with our polymer range, ISPS Innovations have a solution creating a seamless, coordinated finish that meets budget is affordable and creates an instant impression of luxury splashbacks with a continuos finish that is elegant and uniquely blended.

ISPS Innovations provide distinctive colour face technology, unique printing solutions that do not fade, blister, bubble or bleed with our polymer architectural wall panel and splashback range.

Elevating chic and workable building products with luxury acrylic splashbacks and high heat polymer wall panels that service: 

  • showers
  • kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • laundries
  • white boards
  • projector screen
  • apartments/ hotel developments
  • medical facilities
  • commercial projects with visually rewarding results, the options, endless.

Our colour-back polymers are utilised in wet areas, indoors and out. ISPS Innovations have factored into the equation heat, cold and foremost climatic weathering to provide superior robust performing gloss or satin finish coloured panels in any colour, combination colour, digital print in your choice of  IPA Acrylic or Bonethane High Heat Polymer sheeting (self extinguishing) both with GRIPTEK backing. 

Our team are colour & coating specialists with interior & exterior experience, joined with knowledge & understanding of climatic weathering for durable building material requirements. ISPS Innovations Innovative Interiors and Exteriors undertake Designer and Architectural impressions to archetype followed by production. ISPS will deliver your vision through our innovations to meet your exact project requirements.


  • provides many benefits standard spray painted finishes can not achieve.
  • locks in consistent colour, colour fading
  • adds grip to the wall face
  • stops peeling and flaking of the colour on the back of spray painted sheets
  • allows easy removal  of the sheet from the  wall face without breaking, peeling and delamination
  • stops silicone bleeding that arises 3 to 9 months into the life of you installation
  • can be cut face up or face down, no chipping of colourback coating application.
  • eliminates coating  the wall a neutral colour, saving time and money on additional material charges.
  • GRIPTEK can be applied to PLEXIGLAS® HI GLOSS fused Acrylic sheeting.
  • ISPS Innovations colourback acrylic & polymer sheeting are workable and priced well leaving the outlay and difficulty of tiles or glass in another basket. Rid your self of grout and mould build up.

IPA Acrylic & Bonethane® Premium are the accepted glass substitute for commercial & much loved domestic DIY  applications which has become the acknowledged glass alternative for large and small developments.

See what makes us different?

IPA Acrylic and Bonethane® Premium sheeting have been quality tested since 1998, providing elevated excellence in colour face technology and printed splashbacks that carry the Australia Made logo. Our Innovative and decorative technologies are ideal for domestic or commercial applications which have become over the years the proven quality and accepted colourback glass choice for architectural, designer developments and function.

Cleaning Bonethane® and IPA Acrylic is a breeze!

  • simply apply warm soapy water with soft sponge in circular motion
  • rinse residue
  • apply clean warm damp towelling cloth or non abrasive cameo in downward motion walk away, Bonethane® and IPA Acrylic air dry and shine, no dry polishing required.                                                                       

TIPS to choosing your Acrylic and Polymer Splashback & Wall Panel

Bonethane burn Test: Bonethane ® VS Acrylic

Sustainability attributes; IPA Acrylic Locally made, Bonethane® Product of Australia. Our Polymers are Recyclable into Bonethane10, which produces no emissions and mixed into a water based system without heating. Production waste is recyclable. Packaging condensed. See our CulourTEK creations for joinery, new and resurfacing. Benchtops
©copyright  ISPS Innovations

Written By Theresa Leonardos Operations Manager/ Designer ISPS Innovations

ISPS Innovations are a national supplier of custom made Acrylic and High heat Polymer Bonethane Sheeting.

Servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, ACT, Darwin, Cairns Tasmania and Country areas.

PH 08 8381 8880 National Delivery 

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