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High Heat Polymer Splashbacks Bonethane by ISPS Innovations

Posted on 14 January 2016
High Heat Polymer Splashbacks Bonethane by ISPS Innovations

High-Heat Polymer Bonethane Splashbacks® and Wall Panels are DIY friendly


Robust and durable; Bonethane Splashbacks and Wall Panels by ISPS Innovations, are perfect for a range of domestic and commercial applications

Australian owned and manufactured; splashbacks and wall panels are constructed from elevated graded Bonethane, a high-heat polymer that is superior to traditional acrylic materials. ISPS also supply high quality PMMA IPA Acrylic and PLEXIGLAS® sheeting & VetroPoly Toughend Glass.

Note our Bunnings Splashback range which was Bonethane and IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are now available direct through ISPS Innovationns or call for your nearest distributor.

Used and specified by interior designers, architects and DIY Devotee's

Bonethane has been featured on Better Homes and Gardens, Womans Weekly & 10's The Renovator with presenters Barry DuBois. 

A brand supplied to Bunnings for many years. ISPS Innovations are proud & bring to the community our total range delivered to your state. 


Benefits of Bonethane Splashbacks and Wall Panels

  • Will not crack or split when cutting, drilling or planning with standard fabricating equipment
  • Easier & faster to install than Acrylic, Glass & Tiles
  • Self Extinguishing properties
  • Low weight, lighter than Acrylic & Glass
  • Maximum Temperature Load 145 ºC
  • Greater heat distribution and electrical resistance making it perfect for hospitals and laboratories.
  • Can be cut drilled and planned on site
  • Power holes can be drilled into the face of the sheet, even after installation
  • Designed to have the same cutting fabrication as MDF
  • You can drill to the edges
  • Critical Strength, impact and breakage defiant.
  • Friendly for DIY Enthusiasts and DIY Devotees
  • Suitable for out doors UV treated
  • Carries Product of Australia License
  • GripTek backing for superior coverage, weathering and easier installation
  • Exceptional anti-static properties
  • No polishing required, just wash with warm soapy water, rinse and wipe with a damp cloth, Bonethane air dries and shines!
  • Create Stunning Custom Colour Combinations and Effects
  • Suitable for use in kitchens, laundries, showers, outdoors (UV protection), feature walls, shop displays, medical facilities and outdoor signage
  • Presented in either gloss or satin finish
  • Can be ordered cut to size and shape
  • Can be digitally printed and GripTek backing applied to seal image and create colour depth.
  • Great for corporate Displays 
  • Unlimited choices and optical transitions to showcase shade depth and colour contrast
  • Available in any colour, metallic, ISPS EFX and Digital print
  • Warranty covers fading, delaminating and UV Protection
  • Totally water proofed.
  • Graffiti Proof 
  • Can be 100 % fully recycled in to Bonethane10
  • Exceptional acoustic insulation.
  • ISPS work with industry professionals, provide experience with colour guidelines and create samples for review prior to commercial application
  • If your future projects have significant shifts in their foundation, Bonethane sheets can be removed from walls years on without breaking the sheet, Bonethane sheets bows forward with weathering expansion and contraction allowing the opportunity to remove the sheet from the wall and then replace. Under same extreme conditions Acrylic, tiles will crack while glass can possibly explode into smaller safer pieces instead of shards of glass if pressure or a week points are apparent. 

A little information about Toughend/Tempered glass

Generally tempered or toughend glass will only explode ( loud gush noise) if there is a weekness somwhere. All substrate materials require room for expansion and contraction when settled in its final resting place. Now tempered/toughend glass is very strong, see this video courtesy of CREO GLASS DESIGN, In this video they demonstrate how many times its takes to hit toughend glass before you get a reaction. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!  So with the right measuring and glazier you should not have an issue with toughened/tempered glass.

Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks have been rigorously tested since 1998 accepted nationally through hardware chains, Bonethane is an industry-trusted polymer system that is designed to perform

ISPS Innovations are your one stop inteior and exetrior specialist and most of our range is Australian Made



ISPS can be contacted 7 days a week till 9pm a national service.



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