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Candle Test Videos

Posted by ISPS Innovations on 9 December 2013

Bonethane Premium Vs Acrylic - Candle Test Part 1, 2 and 3 (the final outcome)

ISPS have conducted a burn test with a common house hold item, a candle, in a controlled environment.

The 8 Substrates above are currently available as a kitchen splashback & wall panel in the market place at your local hardware stores & industry providers.

This is an insight to what you are buying if its placed in a kitchen environment. There are companies promoting that their product expressing their brand performs & cuts like Bonethane. This latest test will show you exactly what you are getting. If it splts & cracks & does not Fizzle out its not Bonethane!

Check the 3 part video presentation on our VIDEO PAGE


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