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Candle Test Videos

Posted by ISPS Innovations on 9 December 2013

 Acrylic Splashbacks VS Bonethane Splashbacks - Candle Test Part 1, 2 and 3 (the final outcome)

ISPS have conducted a fire test with a common house hold item, a candle, in a controlled environment.

The 8 Substrates above are currently available as a kitchen splashback & wall panel in the market place at your local hardware stores & industry providers.

This is an insight to what you are buying if its placed in a kitchen environment. There are companies promoting that their product expressing their brand performs & cuts like Bonethane. This latest test will show you exactly what you are getting. 

Check the 3 part video presentation on our VIDEO PAGE


Bonethane & IPA Acrylic look exactly like glass but perform differently to glass. For more information visit www.ispsinnovations.com.au

Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks & IPA Acrylic Splashbacks are used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, laboratories for domestic and commercial projects and a great alternative to glass.

Our total range of DIY polymer acrylic splashbacks are delivered Australia wide and we are proudly Australian Made.

ISPS glass and polymer acrylic splashbacks are available in any Dulux colour or as a printed splashback in your choice of Bonethane, IPA Acrylic or toughened glass.

Bonethane ® has a continuous service temperature of 110°C behind induction & ceramic cooktops.

Cooktop clearance for gas burners, induction & ceramic cooktops

Clearance between a gas cooking appliance & a combustible surface must be in accordance with the appliance manufacturers specifications. Bonethane is not suitable directly behind gas cooktop.

Bonethane can be placed behind an induction and ceramic cooktop and requires a 60 mm space between the back edge of the cooktop and the wall.

Bonethane can be used behind free-standing cooktops with raised fixed metal shield to the rear of cooktop. Refer to your cooktop manufacturers specifications and follow Australian standards.

Bonethane is not suitable for exposed gas burners, air fryers, BBQs, or where heat is greater than 110°C. 

  • Increased heat requires minimum of 200 mm clearance to the rear & or above the cooktop/appliance. Stainless steel or glass inserts can rest behind cooktop where heat exceeds 110 ° C - Bonethane can rest above the inserts or to the side of insert depending on the style you choose. Do no place stainless steel over the face of polymer splashbacks.

Bonethane® stands out as an excellent choice for metal and glass replacement for service temperatures that do not exceed 110°C providing adequate distance is maintained.

Bonethane & IPA Acrylic are not suitable to rest behind BBQs, open gas burners, air fryers or heat greater than 110°C..

For extreme heat, refer to cooktop or appliance specifications you purchased for more information and follow Australian standards.

Stainless steel or glass inserts can rest behind the length of the cooktop & a minimum of 200 mm high for added protection where heat exceeds 110 ° C & Bonethane can sit above the inserts.

Pots must sit in the frame of the cooktop and not sit over edge or rear of the cooktop pressing up against splashback.

Do not butt up gas cook tops with exposed flame or Air fryers, to Bonethane, IPA Acrylic or toughened glass.

IPA Acrylic Splashbacks has a continuous service temp of 88°C when lit, PMMA acrylic can create spread of flame rapidly.


Custom toughened star-fire glass by ISPS Innovations

ISPS toughened glass is available in 6mm. ISPS provides painted and printed glass options for your domestic or commercial projects, simply choose the option that is suitable for you.

ISPS toughened glass meets with AS/NZS5601.1 gas installation (general installations)

Clearance between a gas cooking appliance & a combustible surface must be in accordance with the appliance manufacturers specifications.

ISPS provide toughened glass cut to size and shape and deliver nationally Australia wide.

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