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Custom Kitchens, Kitchen Resurfacing & Remodelling Lonsdale ISPS

Posted on 15 January 2020
Custom Kitchens, Kitchen Resurfacing & Remodelling Lonsdale ISPS

Kitchen makeover, Kitchen Resurfacing or New Kitchen?

ANNOUNCEMENT CORONAVIRUS, COVID19 : ISPS are still able to address your custom door & kitchen resurfacing needs. Please support custom Australian made building products by ISPS Innovations. We can service South, West, East & North of Adelaide for kitchen and doors resurfacing. You can even drop off your doors and panels to save further money.

Want to save money and DIY your kitchen resurfacing, our Factory at Lonsdale allows you to drop off your panels have them sprayed in your chosen finish and then collect. We have solutions for fixed panels as well and offer fixed packages including benchtops & splashbacks in your chosen colours.

Please support custom Australian made building products 4Renovators by ISPS Innovations.

In Adelaide we can also address any kitchen, door, benchtop resurfacing needs for renovators.

  • ISPS Innovations do it all! 

  • ISPS Innovations resurface domestic and commercial kitchens and cabinets.

  • ISPS Innovations manufacture new or remodel kitchens to your custom request. 

  • ISPS Innovations manufacture polymer and glass splashbacks

  • ISPS Innovations design & manufacture custom size and coloured CulourTEK Benchtops

Kitchen Resurfacing, Kitchen Remodelling & New Kitchen Build Servicing the South, West, East and North of Adelaide South Australia.

New Kitchens

  • ISPS Innovations create innovative kitchen designs that are hand crafted. We use Australian Made board for doors & carcasses. Each piece is carefully crafted and customised in your size shape colour choice and sheen.

ISPS Innovation Kitchen Finishes

  • Our kitchens are coated in a 2pac polyurethane finish. With your choice of solid colours or French provincial finishes in high gloss or satin finish.
  • ISPS Innovations use soft close hinges and drawers to provide a light and comfortable action when opening and closing doors and drawers.
  • ISPS do not use standard conventional sizing. ISPS manufacture our cabinetry to your size and depth requested, using high grade premium board for the carcass and face that is Australian Made
  • Door profiles vary on your request.
  • ISPS Innovations also have a range of doors with different pattern profiles.
  • If you want to save money and want new doors for your existing kitchen and unable to measure your doors, simply drop the existing doors into our factory and one of our team will address your request.

ISPS Innovations manufacture and Supply Australia wide custom coloured and cut to size splashbacks in IPA  acrylic, Bonethane high heat polymer and glass.


Kitchen Resurfacing with ISPS Innovations

Before                                                                                     After


Resurfacing & restoring is the innovative make-over for kitchen revamping. Kitchen & cabinet resurfacing & alterations are cost effective, robust and environmental way to  recycle & provide an alternative new kitchen feel  by extending a new kitchen finish. Making over the existing kitchen layout and modifying to meet your needs will in future be the NEW new kitchen replacement .

Choosing to replace your kitchen with a new one when the existing kitchen skeleton is worthy of another 10 years is not economical or good for the environment. Unnecessary waste goes into landfill.

BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER


Resurfacing with ISPS Innovations allows you modify your existing kitchen layout while keeping to a budget and refreshing a dated and tired area without the heavy costs and time for a new custom built 2 pac finish kitchen.


ISPS Innovations resurfaced and saved all these table and chairs from landfill.



ISPS can repair, restore, modify or replace existing cabinetry, doors,carcass, benchtops, splashbacks & more. Our processes are addressed in house and we do not rely on third parties for our finishes. We can even replace your hardware and hinges with soft close doors and drawer runners.

4 Renovators, For Renovators, 4Renovators, ISPS Innovations

Peeling doors ?  ISPS Innovations can restore them to new again in a 2 pace finish.


Are your kitchen doors or drawers peeling, discolouring or delaminating ?

If the short answer is yes, you are at the right section.

Consumers ask, why are my kitchen doors peeling and flaking? The short answer is the product can not deal with environmental thermal expansion and contraction.

The solution is simple:

  • ISPS Innovations innovative colour face  technology is the answer to restore your kitchens and cabinetry to new again. Vinyl & vacuum wrap kitchens regularly go through the face lifting, delaminating & detaching, leading to flaking and peeling.  ISPS Innovations kitchen resurfacing technology facilitates these doors & drawer panels to be recycled, resurfaced & restored  VS disposing them to landfill.

ISPS Innovations specialise in restoring peeling doors, drawer, pantry faces & backs of panels. The ISPS remedy to repair & restore your cabinets from flaking will provide your kitchen with a much deserved face lift. You can get a that new look 2 Pac kitchen for a fraction of the cost you would normally have to outlay for a brand new kitchen design, and the reminder of the total removal and installation of the new kitchen.

Want to add new door profile?

By giving your kitchen a totally new style with a new door profile from our range of custom door face finishes will also lift the look of your kitchen.. ISPS Innovations can coat the balance of remaining fixed  panels, for a constant, pristine new look and finish.

Cabinet Conversions & Cabinet Remodelling

Not all cabinets, doors & drawer faces need replacing if in good conditon, these panels can certainly be prepped, restored resurfaced & repurposed. ISPS Innovations provide a 7 year warranty on resurfaced door panels and drawer faces.

ISPS can replace old water damaged cabinets, add shelves or extend lengths of cabinets and over head cupboards.

Repurposed 4 bar panels to a new cabinet and custom cut drawers

Before BreakfastBar (back) converted to modern deeper bench with waterfall edge (no join visible)


Before Breakfast Bar (front) converted to modern deeper bench with waterfall edge and new handles


Original bar extended with new benchtop and wine new bar

Want new door handles or drawers?  

  • ISPS can address

Want to convert a door to a drawer?

  • ISPS can address

Want to convert a drawer to a door?

  • ISPS can address

ANSWER : The answer is yes ISPS Innovations can do it! 


Carcass peeling edges

BEFORE                                                                              AFTER    ISPS Restored edges.


BEFORE:  Edges open and peeling                                           AFTER:   ISPS restored peeling edges.

  • Are your carcass edges delaminating?
  • Is the aged chip board carcass exposed? 

The release of fine particles from such dated finishes are not good for your health as micro particles float around and further injury from splinter or moisture retention and mould can occur. ISPS can repair and restore your exposed edges to a clean and finished edge.

Polyurethane  2 Pac Finishes 

2 Pac Polyurethane Finishes by ISPS Innovations provide flexibility and strength in particular during expansion and contraction variations, eliminating cracking and yellowing that can arise with other forms of coating applications, onsite resurfacing and resurfacing resins. Our2 Pac  Polyurethane finishes provide a surface base that is harder dressed for wear and earths natural elements, lasting better than enamels, epoxy, acrylic resin finishes.

Fumes in your home during resurfacing your Kitchen

ISPS Innovations like a factory finish, we treat & resurface any removable panels at our factory floor. The product cures and then reinstated to their final resting place in your home or office. Any panels that require attention onsite areas are masked up and our coating formula applied on site, with no over spray & fast curing application eliminating overspray residue & slow curing emissions.

How long will my resurfaced door and drawer faces last?

Your resurfaced doors & drawers are treated and come with a 7 year warranty, more than some new kitchen warranties.  The warranty covers you from colour fading and delamination from natural resting elements. There is no reason why your resurfaced door & drawer faces wouldn't last twice as long.


Benchtops in CulourTEK Creations By ISPS Innovations

CulourTek Benchtops are crafted and customised in any colour combination. Seamless waterfall edges & angles


CulourTek Benchtops are a hand made finish, advancing any colour combination and gloss level as an elegant  high end finish benchtop.
CulourTek creations add a superfluous element to any room.  An appealing surface and amalgamation of grain efx stone flicks and grained radiance, timber, stone or marble  look  ISPS EFX paired with modern straight lines continuous length and right angles with the option of no joins with our benchtops. CulourTek Benchtops are available in satin, gloss and textured finish.

Hand made finishes, custom designed, manufactured and coloured in satin, gloss or textured finish


Hand made finishes, custom designed, manufactured and coloured in satin, gloss or textured finish


Hand made finishes, custom designed, manufactured and coloured in satin, gloss or textured finish


ISPS surfaces are durable, and trouble-free to clean and maintain.  ISPS provide a 12 Year warranty. ISPS Innovations care about the environment & do not want our products going into landfill, with a new custom coloured CulourTek Benchtop ISPS Innovations provide a recolour service years on  if your  choose to  refit the decor in your home or commercial project the service allows you to change the pattern colour and even shape of your CulourTEK benchtop & ISPS will  provide a further 12 year Warranty.

Handmade custom designed and crafted CulourTEK Benchtop available in any colour and sheen

Seamless water fall edge. No join visible in benchtop edge.


Benchtop 4000mm benchtop in 1 piece. 900 mm on far end and tapers into 700 mm depth near sink.

With CulourTEK benchtops you can Imagine, & create your designs, bringing them to life with ISPS Innovations.

High Gloss 2 Pac finished doors. Bonethane Polymer Splashbacks.


Splashbacks for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, domestic and commercial

ISPS Innovations manufacture a range of splashbacks in any colour or as a printed splashback. ISPS Innovations are the first company to create a high heat polymer splashback that is self extiguishing and designed to be used behind induction and ceramic cooktops. Our  polymer sheets Bonethane and IPA Acrylic look identical to glass and are a cost effective alternative to glass.  Bonethane and IPA Acrylic polymer splashbacks can go right over tiles. 

  • Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • ISPS Innovations produce custom cut to size, toughened, painted and printed glass splashbacks.

Glass & Polymer Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations can be combined to give the illusion that you have glass all the way through your new kitchen or resurfaced kitchen project.

ISPS are colour specialists and able to provide glass and our polymer range of splashbacks to be toned to each other, saving you on glass splashbacks that do not need to be glass. 

ISPS Innovations lead in 2pac polyurethane finishes for kitchen resurfacing, new kitchen builds, kitchen remodelling, custom coloured glass and polymer acrylic splashbacks, printed splashbacks and benchtops in any colour. ISPS Innovations manufacture for renovators, supplying Australian made building products all over Australia. ISPS Innovations provide a walk in service at our Lonsdale South Australia factory where you can book in and drop off cabinetry doors & drawers for resurfacing or have new kitchen doors & drawers made up. Our Australian custom made building products are used by builders, DIY renovators & specified by Architects and Designers for our robust performance and innovative build & colour customisation.

ISPS Innovations 4Renovators can provide door and drawer hardware, using Blum and Finista brands we can also assist with door handles.

For more information, contact us 08 8186 0845

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